Bigg Boss 13: Key takeaways from India’s biggest reality show

Bigg Boss 13: Key takeaways from India’s biggest reality show

BY Ayushi Agarwal

Bigg Boss has become a hot topic on social media platforms. The show has been running for 13 years now, but this season has garnered the most talking points and broken many records. Let’s look at some factors which have made Bigg Boss 13 such a huge success that the makers have extended it for another 5 weeks.

Bigg Boss 13: Key takeaways from India’s biggest reality show

1. The Host: Salman Khan’s popularity is enough to create a buzz, he is hosting the show with utmost grace and is quite funny while talking to the contestants. Interestingly, this is Salman’s 10th year as the Bigg Boss host. He started hosting from season 4 and never looked back. Salman Khan has managed to connect with the housemates on a personal level and his Weekend Ka War episodes are worth watching.

2. A finale before the Grand finale: A mid season finale was an addition to this season, half of the housemates were evicted and the same number of new contestants entered the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss 13: Key takeaways from India’s biggest reality show

3. Wildcard contestants: This season holds the record of highest number of wildcard contestants. A total of 13 wildcards entered the house.

4. Siddharth-Rashmi controversy: The viewers are very much engaged with the duo’s controversy, they’re speculating everything because it has become quite dirty. Their last argument ended in Rashmi throwing tea on Siddharth and Siddharth responding with the same actions. It has also divided Bigg Boss fans.

Bigg Boss 13: Key takeaways from India’s biggest reality show

5. Violence Approved?: It seems like this season of Bigg Boss has given free hands to the contestants. Initially, Siddharth Shukla started this trend and pushed Asim thrice but he was not eliminated. Asim also pushed him, Himanshi pushed Sana and they were all left with warnings. In earlier seasons, KRK, Priyank Sharma were evicted because of violence.

6. Friends turned Foes: The 1st month of Bigg Boss 13 gave the viewers a beautiful bromance between Siddharth and Asim but eventually they became their enemies from being best of friends. The two are always seen poking and instigating each other, also engaging in disgusting verbal abuses.

Bigg Boss 13: Key takeaways from India’s biggest reality show

7. Record Breaking TRPs: Bigg Boss 13 has stood out and has become the most populous season. The season was supposed to end on 1st week of January but looking at its popularity, makers decided to give it an extension of 5 weeks. It will now end on 15th February.

8. Twitter Trends: Bigg Boss audience is not lagging behind in talking about their favourite contestants. Asim, a model and a very young man has already created a lot of buzz with millions of tweets trending for him. And so has been the case of Siddharth Shukla, he is trending almost every day. These two are the most popular housemates till now.

Bigg Boss 13 is giving every possible form of entertainment to the viewers. Friends turned enemies, relationships getting sour, budding romances, groups plotting, this season has all the ingredients and it is blending perfectly. It is a drama packed watch.

The show has managed to create some controversies outside as well but its fans just cannot get enough of the housemates and the host, Salman Khan. is a website which offers news, views and even the inside stories from the glamour world be it Bollywood or Hollywood, for those who love the of cinema.

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