7 Reasons Why We Like FRIENDS Even Today

By Navya 

The dream of thousands of FRIENDS fans is going to turn into reality after months of speculation, anticipation, and rumors. The cast is going to star together on-screen on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of FRIENDS on an HBO special on May 27th. Although the reunion had been speculated a year earlier, the road had become bumpy with the corona virus bringing all the activities to a halt. But the happiness is not going to be delayed anymore. Despite being a show that is over 2 decades old, FRIENDS is still loved and adored by the current generations as it was back in the 1990s. On this happy occasion of its 25th anniversary, let us revisit and analyze why and how the show is getting constant love and support through the test of time: 

  1. Evergreen storyline: FRIENDS is probably one of the best timeless shows. It is not an exaggeration to say that the show will probably continue to entertain the audience even after a century. The storyline revolves around 6 friends who deal with their real-life practical issues like love, job, families, and work yet manage to stay close to each other. The close-knitted community who stand the test of time and struggle is what appealed to the audience both then and now. And it will continue to grab the audience’s attention even after a decade because the bonding between the 6 friends has been absolutely commendable so much so that the show which made the audience laugh for 10 years made them cry rivers on the final episode.
  2. Friendship is the priority: The 6 leads despite a multitude of their differences in their attitudes and lifestyles still manage to value and cherish their friendship with one another. The title of the story is a perfect replication of what it has in store for the audience. The bromance of Chandler and Joey, the emotional connection between Phoebe and Joey, lovers cum couple chemistry of Rachel and Ross, sibling cum friendship relation between Monica and Ross, fun-filled conversations between Monica and Phoebe, and finally that joyous connection between Rachel and Phoebe intrigues the audience of any age or generation. 
  3. Interesting themes: Although the series has lasted for over 10 years, no single episode is boring and equally joyful to watch because the writers chose to serve fun and increased fun on the plates of the audience with each episode. Each episode has a different theme which makes it interesting to watch. It is not a series that has recurring incidents over decades. The writers had done a commendable job by striking a perfect balance by giving equal significance to each lead. 
  4. Inclusive: It was rather bold of the writers to include characters that reflect real-life emotions. The show is inclusive in terms of all sections of people including a lesbian couple, gay father, a single mother, and a divorcee. No other show of the time has even attempted to get close to FRIENDS. Although the show was criticized for normalizing gays and Lesbians, it hits on the hearts of all sections of the audience for being so inclusive even in stereotypical times. Maybe that’s one good reason to quote why all sections of people love FRIENDS. It is clearly because the show has a place for each section of society.
    FRIENDS — “The One With The Proposal Part II” — Episode 25 — Aired 05/18/2000 — Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, Courteney Cox as Monica Geller — Photo by: NBCU Photo Bank


  5. Chemistry and romance: How can I forget to mention the chemistry and subtle romance between the leads? The on-off relationship of Ross and Rachel and the emotional roller coaster ride of Chandler and Monica instantly grab a place in anyone’s heart. While Ross and Rachel’s romance has been praised by admirers and critics alike, every adult has yearned for a love relationship like Chandler and Monica’s. Even today, fans of FRIENDS adore Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox for their roles as Chandler Bing and Monica Geller. Imagine the impact the leads had on the audience’s mind and heart.
  6. Comic timing: Although the storyline revolves around the 6 friends and their life struggles, what appealed to the audience is the comic timing. Despite being flooded with their respective life issues, all 6 of them take each problem with a spoon of fun. Chandler finds a special mention whenever the comic timing of FRIENDS is discussed. He was regarded as the “sarcasm king” by the audience for his one-liners and spontaneity throughout the show. It has been even said that the majority of the lines were suggested by Matthew Perry himself in the show. Even in troubled situations, the friends in the show try to cheer the other ones up with their craziness and joyous nature. Phoebe is another character that is worth mentioning here. Her role has been often praised for her way of embracing life as it comes. She is another fun factor who instantly brings smiles to the faces of the audience. Joey brings a different style of comedy to the table which doesn’t have to be explained. Joey turns every situation into a fun one with his childish nature and innocence. 
  7. Relatability: As has been mentioned, despite being a 90s’ show, FRIENDS is hella lot relatable even in the 21st century and it will continue to remain so for its brilliant choice of cast, extraordinary comedy timing, and the evergreen theme. Nothing seems to be old-styled in this show beginning from the costume to the supporting characters. And the beauty of the female leads is another factor that pushes the audience to stream in to the show again and again.

While there are numerous other reasons to adore FRIENDS, these are but a few. FRIENDS will be remembered by the audience for years to come. It is one such show which has shaken the Television industry with its uniqueness. The massive amount of money that the cast and creators are still making is a testimony that is enough to quote the fame of FRIENDS in current times. If you haven’t watched FRIENDS yet, you are missing something massive in your life. Once you watch it, I am sure you will fall in love with it too. 

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