An Era Comes To An End: Legendary Actor Dilip Kumar Is No More

By  Renu Baliyan 

Legendary actor Dilip Kumar has passed away today at 7:30 am at Khar Hinduja hospital after prolonged illness, according to reports. The actor leaves behind a rich legacy of films that spanned six decades in Bollywood. Dilip Kumar was suffering from age-related ailments for some time and he had been in and out of hospital in the entire month of June. He was 98. Dilip Kumar has carved an image of “tragedy king” and delivered some of the most stunning classics to film lovers. The funeral of the actor is scheduled to take place today, according to his official Twitter account. Here is the tweet:

“Burial today at 5:00 PM. Juhu Qabrastan at Santacruz Mumbai.” 

Also, the popularity of Dilip Kumar can be seen from the fact that ever since the news of his death came out, he is trending on social media site Twitter. #DilipKumar, #SairaBanu, RIP Sir, #TragedyKing are some of the top trends on Twitter.

Amitabh Bachchan took to his social media account and posted, “An institution has gone .. whenever the history of Indian Cinema will be written , it shall always be ‘before Dilip Kumar, and after Dilip Kumar’ .. My duas for peace of his soul and the strength to the family to bear this loss .. Palms up togetherPalms up togetherPalms up together. Deeply saddened.”  

Dilip Kumar was a shy Muslim fruit seller who left no stone unturned to give a strong fight to early failure and family disapproval to emerge as one of the most successful Bollywood actors. He became a highly respected actor during the golden period of Indian cinema from 1940s to 1960s.

Let us take a look at some of the most enduring classics to celebrate the life of Dilip Kumar:

1.     Mughal-e-Azam

The film is one of the best classics of Bollywood and gave Dilip Kumar one of his most remarkable roles. The film revolved around the love story of Salim (played by Dilip) and Anarkali (played by Madubhala). The film depicted forbidden relationships and escape from the Mughal kingdom. Also, Mughal-e-Azam also became Bollywood’s highest grossing movie of all time for over 15 years.

2.     Madhumati

Dilip Kumar appeared in double role in the film Madhumati. The actor was seen as a reincarnation of one of his characters in Madhumati. The film became one of the first of its kind in Bollywood and after this many Bollywood films were based on the theme of reincarnation. The song of the film became chartbusters and became highly popular. It also emerged as one of the highest grossing movies of 1950s. Many Bollywood lovers still love to hum the song “‘Suhana Safar Aur Yeh Mausam Haseen’.

3.     Ram Aur Shyam

The superhit film featured DilIp Kumar in double role. DilIp played both the character Ram and Shyam with effortless ease and impressed everyone with his outstanding acting. Despite the sharp contrast in both the character DilIp pulled it off amazingly. Ram was a shy man and Shyam was a mischievous person in the film. DilIp discovered the experience of acting in Ram and Shyam quite satisfying and stimulating.

4.     Ganga Jumna

With this film Dilip made his debut as the producer. Apart from becoming producer, Dilip also acted in the film. He showcased the story of an innocent person who was compelled by situations to become a dacoit. The film also starred Vyjanthimala and Nasir Khan. Kumar’s role was liked very much in the film and he was nominated at the Filmfare Awards.

5.     Daag

This is the film for which Dilip Kumar won his first ever Filmfare Award in the category of Best Actor. Dilip played the role of Shankar in the film. In the film, Dilip buckles under the pressure of supporting his widowed mother and resorts to drinking as he is the only bread earner. The film was a super hit at the box office and also starred Amiya Chakravarty, Nimmi, and Lalita Pawar.

6.     Devdas

Prior to Shahrukh Khan and Abhay Deol, Dilip Kumar performed the role of Devdas. Dilip Kumar won the Filmfare award for Devdas. The actor delivered one of his finest performances in the film that earned him scores of fans. Film critics praised the sensitivity with which Dileep portrayed the role of a doomed lover in the film.  Later Dileep Kumar confessed in an interview that he still cannot bring himself to agree with Devdas when he hits his lover Paro with a stick saying “I have given you this mark to punish your pride.”

7.     Naya Daur

Dilip performs the role of a tongewalla in the film Naya Daur. Dilip vows to challenge the way things happen in his village pertaining to transportation and the injustice and harassment tongawallas face. Dilip Kumar won his third successive Filmfare Award in the category of Best Actor. It became the second highest grossing film of 1950s after Mother India. Interestingly, Dileep Kumar had refused to act in the film when he was approached by the filmmakers. It earned Rs  5,40,00,000.

8.     Andaaz

The film showcased Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar who also happened to be Bollywood A listers. The film showed one-side love when Dilip fell in love with the actress (Nargis played the actress) in the film. When Dilip wants to confess his feelings to the actress in the film he comes to know that she already has a fiancé. Dilip yet again delivered one his best performances in the film.

9.     Deedar

Deedar is the black and white film and it was directed by Nitin Bose. The film starred Dilip Kumar, Nargis, and Nimmi. The film showcased the story of unsuccessful love when hero’s childhood love got separated due to class inequalities. Dilip gave an outstanding performance in the film.


The film was released in 1981. It was produced and directed by Manoj Kumar. It had multiple cast that included Shashi Kapoor, Hema Malini, Dilip Kumar, and Manoj Kumar. The film showed a group of revolutionaries who decided to drive the British out of India.

2 thoughts on “An Era Comes To An End: Legendary Actor Dilip Kumar Is No More

  1. May the soul rest in peace ☮️ Dilip Kumar was a excellent actor of Bollywood industry during 1940 to 1960. He gave many blockbuster movie to Indian cinema. His name will be written in golden words in the history of India cinema.
    But many of us don’t know a fact about late. Sh. Dilip Kumar that Dilip Kumar was not his real name it was its screen name. He was bored as Muhammad Yusuf khan on 11 December 1922 in Pakistan. He wote his autobiography named “The substance and the shadow” that was published in the year 2014, he revealed that why he changed his name. He change his name before entering into Bollywood industry. The veteran actor revealed that actor Devika Rani had suggested his name change. Dilip Kumar also revealed that the fact that Ashok Kumar was also a screen name, and not the actor’s real name, made him go for the change.
    Dilip Kumar was an Indian actor and film producer, best known for his work in Hindi cinema. Referred to as the “Tragedy King” and “The First Khan.” Kumar holds the record for most wins for the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in Guinness world records.Over his career, he received eight Filmfare Awards for Best Actor. Kumar was appointed Sheriff of Mumbai (an honorary position) for 1980.The Government of India honoured Kumar with the Padma Bhushan in 1991, the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1994 and the Padma Vibhushan in 2015. The Government of Andhra Pradesh honoured Kumar with NTR National Award in 1997. The Government of Pakistan conferred Kumar with Nishan-e-Imtiaz, the highest civilian award in Pakistan, in 1998.
    He was also a member of parliament from 2000 to 2006.
    This day is really tough as today we lost one gem of Bollywood industry.

  2. One of the saddest news 🥺 He was one of a kind, the most talented bollywood actor leaves us with just his memories and his amazing work🥺❤️

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