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Film Review: ‘Toofaan’

By Renu Baliyan

Toofaan is Director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra’s second film on sports theme that got released on Amazon Prime. Farhan Akhtar plays an important role in the film. Earlier, Farhan and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra collaborated together for Bhag Milkha Bhagin 2013 where Farhan played the role of a famous Olympics runner. This time Rakeysh’s Toofaan ventures into the boxing ring. Toofaan is a basically a story filled with emotional melodrama and madness.

In the film, Aziz Ali aka Ajju Bhai (Farhan) portrays the role of gangster from the Mumbai suburb of Dongri who has expertise in extortion and loan collection through violent ways. Ajju Bhai was raised in an orphanage.

Interestingly, there is a U-turn in the film and Ali feels that boxing may make him a powerful thug. He meets with Doctor Ananya Prabhu (Mrunal Thakur) and his life takes an altogether different turn. They fall in love with each other. The filmmakers take the risk of showcasing the love story of a Muslim boxer and Hindu doctor.

After Ajju Bhai is motivated by Ananya Pandey, he takes the resolve to become boxer Aziz Ali. To chase his dream of becoming a boxer, he meets Nana Prabhu (PareshRawal) who in the beginning was unwilling to train Ali because he is a Muslim from Dongri. However, the coach finally relents and gets agreed to train him.

However, the film has presented several issues and it appears that it is dragging at one point of time leaving audience confused where it is heading. On the contrary, film like Dhangal scored big because it did not lose its focus.

On the other hand, Toofan drags towards the end and takes unnecessary and way too many turns and frequently use the emotional card to keep audience engaged.

Farhan Akhtar is a good actor and he did justice to the character that he played in the film. When he leaves boxing briefly, he looks bulkier and when he plays the role of a boxer, his body looks thoroughly chiseled. Right from his body language to the way of talking, the hard work of Farhan is visible in the film.

Mrunal Thakur did good job to her role as a doctor in a charity hospital. She is quite charming as a bubbly girl. Paresh Rawal is a class actor and his performance is great in the film. He played the role of a coach with great conviction.

Toofaan is a film which can be avoided unless you are a big Farhan Akhtar fan. The film is a below average film combining too many issues.

Filmi Files Ranking: *

2 thoughts on “Film Review: ‘Toofaan’

  1. Though i had watched the movie today morning and cannot resist myself to post my views in this. Firstly i supposed that the film would be very hit because Farhan Akhtar is one of my favorite actor. i became his fan from the movie Bhaag milkha bhaag . His acting was tremendous in that movie. But in the movie Toofan i don’t feel that goosebumps as in the bhaag milkha bhaag movie.
    Although it is from the makers of bhaag milkha bhaag movie.
    But this movie is not that much. Farhan Akhtar acting was good but whole movie was not at that level . so many much of you want to know that what is the basically theme of this movie . so i would like to told you that this movie is basically a sportsmen movie who is very fond of boxing and loved his game very much . Farhan Akhtar played as a boxer whose name is Aziz ali in the movie and play from Maharashtra state. This movie tells us about so much up and downs in the life. Due to some circimcircums Aziz ali who is Actor Farhan Akhtar has got ban for 5 years and cannot play boxing for 5 years .
    But he does not leave hope and choose struggle and then prove himself at the end.
    oh i forget to say abkut ankthan masterpiece Paresh Rawal sir who play the role of coach in the movie. i am very fond of paresh rawal acting skills. He is just like a painkiller to everyone i think. He makes laugh to anyone.
    so his acting was also very good in the movie.
    So overall if you say that the whole movie is just like garbage then it is totally wrong according to me. According to me it is not just like block-buster but it is like average to me..
    the whole script was good but if we compare the movie with previously launched movie then the movie is not like that.
    i would like to give Toofan 3 stars out of 5.

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