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Movie Review: ‘Shershaah’

By Dr. Priyaanka Mathur

‘Shershaah’ represents a true story of an Indian Army Officer Captain Vikram Batra who was indeed a ‘Lion-king’, a warrior with the courage of a lion, with a king-size heart, as the name suggests. Captain Vikram Batra was given this pseudo name as part of an operation while he was heading his Battalion in a war against Pakistan. Batra fought relentlessly till his last breath to win the war post he was assigned. He was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra India’s highest and most prestigious award for valour, for his actions during the 1999 Kargil War.

The film is not only a typical war story but is a life journey of a national hero portrayed well by Actor Siddharth Malhotra, who brilliantly showcased the different sides of Captain Vikram Batra’s personality. The story begins with a small fight over a cricket ball when young Vikram wins his ball after a fight with the big boys in his neighbourhood, which showed his early tendencies to not leave his belongings to an enemy. So was his belief, to capture the piece of his land which was occupied by Pakistan, while he fought and won every battle pumping enthusiasm in his soldiers, as a commanding officer.

The movie showcases his grit from the moment he joined the Indian army. He created his strategy to mingle with the civilians, to get the scoop for militant movement in the state. Within few days of his joining, he manages to capture a dreaded militant, while he was carrying ammunition by road. There are moments in the film when Batra displays exemplary courage to take the command, while he saves the life of his commanding officer and fights back the militants, without any casualties and was later rewarded. The film captures the true grit and agility of the Indian army officers in various situations and lethal positions, while they win over every post under his true leadership.

The film portrays Captain Vikram Batra as not just a war hero but, a true romantic at heart, who had a Filmy sweet lover in him too, which makes him more adorable. There are many romantic moments from his personal life, as in how he wins the heart of his lady love Dimple played by Kiara Advani, who acts brilliantly as a cute, pretty Sikh girl. The film takes you through their love story from their college days when both shyly admire each other. Vikram finally gathers the courage and sought help from a friend who manages him to talk to Dimple and they eventually confess their love to each other. Eventually, he proposes to Dimple in the middle of the road, while he gets caught by her father who disapproves of their marriage.

The story brings twists and turns in between taking him to choose between a stable job in the Merchant Navy or to be an Army Officer, which he always dreamt of from his childhood. Eventually, he chooses his dream and joins the Indian army. But he was bound to Marry her and married her informally taking the sacred rounds of the Guru Granth Saheb in a Gurudwara in a Filmy way.

Sid-Kiara chemistry was so real, that it enhanced the purity of the bond between Vikram and Dimple. If Siddharth was the soul, Kiara was the heart of the film, since both did a great job. This film happens to be Siddharth Malhotra’s one of the finest performances so far, as he truly entered the character of Captain Vikram Batra so effortlessly, which shows all his hard work, since it’s not easy to portray a real-life character.

The film boasts of a perfect casting of characters and great music masterpieces like the promotional song ‘Jai Hind kiSenaa’ which stirred the feeling of patriotism, while ‘Raatanlambiyan’ brought with it the feeling of longing and separation. The song ‘Raanjha’ brings out the lighter romantic moments to the love story, which was much needed to make the story interesting.

The film is a perfect blend of determination, bravery and emotions especially in the climax, which bought tears to the audience. The story is a unique and authentic representation of the raw and real struggle of the army men and how much responsibility they bear for the nation, staying away from their families and loved ones, to keep the country and our countrymen safe. Director Vishnu Vardhan has indeed done a great job in making this Epic Film which brings alive the saga of Martyr Captain Vikram Batra.

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