Movie Review: ‘Mrs Undercover’

Movie Poster: ‘Mrs Undercover’ ZEE5

ZEE5 has come up with a new film called Mrs Undercover, which started streaming from 14th April. Directed by Anushree Mehta, ‘Mrs Undercover’ features a talented ensemble cast, with Radhika Apte in the lead role. This movie is targeted at anyone who loves a good dose of suspense and comedy.

The film revolves around Ayesha Ali (played by Radhika Apte), a housewife who unexpectedly gets pulled into the intriguing world of espionage. An intelligence agency recruits her to work undercover on a high-stakes mission that requires her to infiltrate a dangerous criminal organization. With her unique ability to blend into her surroundings, Ayesha slowly ascends the ranks within the group while maintaining her cover. In the process, she has to balance her double life and personal relationships, which adds an emotional layer to the story.

The screenplay is weak but somehow you’re left guessing until the last moment about the real identity of the terrorist. The plot has its comedic moments which provide relief and make it a good family-watch.

Moving on to the performances, the cast has done an exceptional job. Radhika Apte has delivered an enigmatic performance as the lead protagonist, and it’s fascinating to watch her weave between a mother and a badass spy seamlessly.

Sumeet Vyas and Adil Hussain, who play pivotal supporting characters, also deliver remarkable performances. Their convincing acting brings depth and intensity to the overall storyline.

The pace of the film is noteworthy. It moves along swiftly, leaving you glued to the screen right from the opening scene. The background score deserves a special mention, which expertly dramatizes the action taking place on screen.

Director Anushree Mehta has crafted an engaging and tense thriller. Her direction captures the nerve-wracking tension familiar to espionage thrillers while also allowing the audience to empathize with the protagonist.

The film provides a sense of thrill and adventure, making it feel like you are on the ride with the characters.

The most appreciable aspect of Mrs Undercover is the conclusion. It’s not every day that Indian cinema comes up with such an intriguing and satisfying climax. The way this film ties up at the end makes for a nice experience.

Mrs Undercover is a well-intentioned, entertaining, and enjoyable movie that is definitely a one time watch. The film ticks most of the boxes for someone who wants to spend a lazy evening all by himself or with the family.

FF Ratings: ***

Review By: Bhumika Rawat