Five Reasons Why We Need Border Sequel

The earth shattering success of Gadar 2 has given Bollywood wings like never before. Sunny Deol’s memorable performance has left fans across the country craving for more from the powerhouse actor. Sunny has made an indelible mark in Bollywood with his inspirational characters and action sequences. With the current fascination for high voltage drama films, it’s high time a Border sequel was released!  The rumour mills are buzzing that JP Dutta could be planning a sequel to Border film which defined war films in India back in the 90s. There are several reasons good enough to start the Border sequel after the enormous success of Gadar 2.

1. A Powerful Storyline:

Border was released in 1997, but its story is still as relevant today as it was when it was first made. The movie showcases the bravery of Indian soldiers and the sacrifices they make to protect their country.

If a sequel is released that resonates with the original storyline of the movie, it’ll undoubtedly bring back the emotions and sentiments associated with the first part of the movie. A Border sequel will be embedded with patriotism, heroism and give you goosebumps with the powerful storylines woven into it.

2. Bigger Budget, Larger Audience:

We have seen over the years that the audience is in pursuit of bigger and better films. The audience today is ready to invest significant sums of money just to watch top-notch movies in the theater. This trend suits a reputed film like Border that has already amassed a huge fan base and box office collection. A Border sequel with a better budget, advanced technology, and an even larger audience will aid in breaking box office records.

3. An Unprecedented Cast:

The cast of Border was one of the most memorable aspects of the film. Sunny Deol as Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri, Akshaye Khanna as Lt Dharamvir, and Suniel Shetty as Capt. Bhairav Singh – all played pivotal roles in the film. A Border sequel with Sunny Deol playing the lead along with a new start cast that attracts younger audiences will just add to the excitement around the movie.

4. Sunny Deol’s Trademark Style:

Another reason why a Border sequel is a must is because of Sunny Deol’s trademark style. He has a charisma that captivates the audiences. The famous scene of Sunny Deol carrying a mortar launcher on his shoulder is still fresh in people’s minds – it’s safe to say that it evokes goosebumps even today. Sunny Deol’s action sequences and powerful dialogue delivery bring a life-like effect to the character he plays on the big screen. A Border sequel with Sunny Deol is only natural and due because of these reasons.

5. Director J.P Dutta’s ability: Dutta, the visionary filmmaker behind Border, had directed two three films after Border but it could not do wonders at the Box Office.  The sequel of Border will give JP Dutta a chance for redemption. Dutta’s skill at capturing the emotions of patriotism on the silver screen is unparalleled. A sequel to one of his biggest hits will surely be worth the wait and live up to the expectations of the audience

The success of Gadar 2 and Sunny Deol’s exceptional performance have set a high bar for Bollywood. Fans of Hindi films are waiting for something as gripping and powerful as Border. The cast, storyline, and Sunny Deol’s name are more than enough reasons to go ahead and make a Border sequel. It is a movie that will not only take you on an emotional roller coaster but also take your patriotism and pride in your country to new heights.

Above all, a Border sequel would serve as a tribute to the Indian Army. The harsh realities of the conflicts that our soldiers face are often ignored or understated. Movies like Border help to convey the sacrifices made by our soldiers and instil a sense of pride in our armed forces. By continuing the tradition of movies like Border, filmmakers can help to honour the brave men and women who serve our country.

The original movie has already created a special place in the hearts of Hindi film audiences, and a sequel to this iconic film will surely be applauded and appreciated massively. This move will not only help to continue the legacy of patriotic films on the big screen but will also serve as a tribute to the Indian Army. So, until the official announcement, we can only hope that our prayers are answered, and we get to see the magic of Border on the big screen once again.

So, let’s wait up excitedly for the announcement of the making of Border 2.

By Akshat Sharma