Ameesha Patel Celebrates Gadar2 throwing light on Tara Sakina’s real-life chemistry

Amisha Patel celebrates the success of Gadar2, throwing light on both on-screen and offscreen chemistry between Tara & Sakina. She further draws attention to what went behind the scenes in recreating Sakina in her mature look after 22 years of part one, at a press conference in Mumbai. A report by FF Network

Having received a stupendous success at the box office in the very first week of its release, crossing nearly a business of 369 crore and counting, it’s certainly a moment to rejoice for team Gadar2

Actor Ameesha Patel celebrates the mega success of the Gadar sequel, honouring the technicians, designers and makeup artists behind the camera, who made the film happen, while they deserve the due credits for the film’s success.

Commenting on the film’s unprecedented success she says, “Certainly, the Sunami of the box office collections is nothing short of a miracle, which has hit me also after the film’s humongous success, just after its first week of release.”

Talking about what were her expectations from the sequel, she adds,” We did think that there will be curiosity for Gadar 2 about what happened to the family of Tara & Sakina after 22 years. Gadar 1 was already loved so much, that it still lives in the hearts of the people today. We feel extremely blessed by the grace of God and everyone’s love that the sequel again has become a Gadar in itself.”

Ameesha chose to celebrate and cut the cake along with the crew including the film DOP, her makeup artists and designer Rocky S.

Ameesha shares insights on what went behind creating the era of the 1970s on screen she tells, ” Well giving a perfect look to the film is a very important aspect of a period film. Especially in creating that era goes to the DOP of the film, because he is instrumental in making the heroine that heroine which the script demands.”

She further talks about her look in the film designed by Rocky S, she says, “A designer needs to understand a character. Rocky did a lot of research on the women’s attires of that era, which fabrics, colours and style of clothing they wore.”

She elaborates, ” My entire look of Sakina including the costumes, the Shararas that I wore were all designed by Rocky. He went opposite to the costume head who initially suggested darker colours, beige, browns and earthy colours for Sakina. But, Rocky gave a twist to the image of Sakina saying that she needs to look more pretty. He gave her such a look that is fashionable and yet in the era of 70s, which made Sakina look believable from Gadar to Gadar2 throughout her journey in that era.”

Talking about her makeup and slightly mature look in Gadar2 she says,” The credit goes to my makeup artists who made Sakina look her age, as a mother of a 20-year-old. My makeup and hair artists helped me with that mature look to fit the script.”

Talking about her chemistry with Sunny Deol and how has been her experience working with him she says,” Sunny ji is an extremely humble, elegant and graceful man. He has a pure soft heart and as a person, he is very different from his He-Man onscreen image.”

She further adds,” In fact, Sunny Deol is my favourite co-star. He makes me feel so comfortable. There are times that you forget a dialogue or feel some discomfort during a scene. He will think from an actor’s point of view, how a shot can be taken, since he has been a director too.”

So how would she describe their on and off-screen chemistry she adds,” We don’t even feel we are two actors on the set. It’s just that we are Tara and Sakina together who complement each other. Tara is nothing without Sakina and Sakina is nothing without Tara. As Sakina says ‘ Tara hai to chand Sakina hai, who glows in his light.’

Are there any chances of Gadar 3 in making, she concludes by saying, ” It’s too early to say anything about that.Since it’s just a week of Gadar2, let everyone celebrate and soak in this success spree. But, yes if the Gadar3 happens people will love Tara and Sakina to grow old and share more of the screen time together. But, it will all depend on the need of the script since it cannot be the same, it has to be a wholesome script which justifies the story and our characters.”