Rihanna Goes Topless For ‘Nude’ Perfume Campaign

R &B singer  Rihanna has gone topless to promote her latest fragrance ‘Nude’. She could be seen flaunting her newly coloured blond hair and her envious figure.

In one picture she covers her boobs with her left arm while running her right hand through her mane. Another picture shows her head thrown back and she gives a seductive look to complete the picture.

Rihanna has received overwhelming response for these pictures and it once again proves that nudity sells and sells like anything!

Bar Refaeli Strips To Launch Her Underwear Collection

 (ANI)Bar Refaeli has posed completely nude in a black and white TV commercial to promote her new lingerie range Under.Me.  The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, who has underwear line Under.Me, is seen checking herself out in the mirror while wearing absolutely nothing having just got out of the bath, giving no clue as to what she is trying to sell.

The advert starts with her lazing in the bath before it cuts to her lounging on a bed and then an armchair puffing on an unlit cigar. Dressed in a pair of black knickers and a T-shirt, she then pulls on some socks, proving that she really is promoting her range and not just looking for an excuse to show off her enviable figure.

She is then seen in her garden mowing the lawn and skimming the pool in her knickers before practising a few baseball swings. Then it’s back to the bathroom where she is naked again and combing her hair in front of the mirror while checking herself out.

The range is exclusively designed by the Israeli babe, who has stuck to simple lines and soft cotton. “My underwear is the clothing article closest to my body, and as such, I want it to complement it and not steal the show. There is nothing better than simple, comfortable, quality clothing,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying at the time of launch.

“My work means I’m travelling all the time, rushing from city to city and wearing the most incredible, elaborate designs. I love it, but on my downtime I just want to relax and be myself.” “I don’t want my clothes to define me. And that’s the idea behind under.me – a focused collection of beautifully-made basics that look good and feel amazing. That’s all I need. Because underneath my clothes lies the real me. Nothing else,” she added.

Amul Celebrates ‘Vicky Donor’s Success

India’s premier dairy brand Amul has come out with its latest ad campaign which in a sense pays tribute to Shoojit Sircar’s latest super hit movie ‘Vicky Donor’.

The ad image shows a caricature of ‘Vicky Donor’ star Ayushmann Khurrana, surrounded by babies and holding Amul butter on a platter.  The headline of this ad says ‘Vicky, Do Na’ indicating the butter in Vicky’s hand.

Following the headline is a cheeky tag line which says ‘Donate generously’. Since the movie is about sperm donation the tagline could be interpreted both ways. Smart work, isn’t it?

‘American Desis’ Outraged Over Ashton Kutcher’s Portrayal As Indian

An online advertisement launched by Popchips featuring Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher as an Indian man has been pulled out after it met with huge criticism among Indian-American community. These US born desi people ran a counter campaign against this ad as they believed the entire campaign was based stereotyping and racist in nature.

The online video for Popchips show the 34-year-old Two-And-A-Half Men star in brown make-up portraying a Bollywood producer named Raj who is “looking for love”.

This has now been removed from YouTube and Facebook.

Although Kutcher is shown as a hippie, a tattooed biker and an androgynous fashionista in other online videos but no hippie, biker or fashionista came forward to protest against it. Only the Indians felt provoked and violated by the ad campaign which indicates that they are very sensitive to stereotyping and racist slurs.

Popchips spokesperson made a feeble attempt to defend the ‘controversial racist campaign’ and said that the character was created “to provoke a few laughs and was never intended to stereotype or offend anyone”. Unfortunately the campaign did provoke people specially the Indians but in a negative way.


Heidi Klum Gets Painted To Cover Her Nudity

Model and actress Heidi Klum has done it again. Having posed nude for the May issue of ‘Allure’ magazine recently she posted another almost nude picture on her personal website.This picture is a part of her latest photo shoot with Astor Cosmetics which celebrates its 60th anniversary its brand.

For this exclusive photo shoot Heidi’s body was painted in vibrant colours by makeup artist Joanna Gair and it took 12 long hours to complete the task. “But this actually wasn’t the first time she has painted me from head to toe,” Heidi Klum reacted after the photo shoot.

“This was probably close to the 13th time I’ve been body painted by her, so I’m used to getting it done – the process takes awhile, so you have to be good at being patient! I don’t mind sitting still for such a long time though, it’s a living piece of art that I’m so honored to be a part of, ” she added.

Heidi is a mother of four and fast approaching towards the ‘forties’ of her life but nothing stops her from flaunting her toned physique and discussing why she’s never gone under the knife.

“I’m proud to be able to say, in this day and age, I haven’t done anything,” she was quoted by the Peoples Magazine during her recent interview by the magazine. “Everyone has a view of what’s not pretty and [plastic surgery] just doesn’t look pretty to me,” the 38-year-old added.


Kim Kardashian Goes Topless To Sell Lingerie!

American socialite Kim Kardashian joined her sisters Khloe and Kourtney to promote their Kardashian Kollection lingerie. Sporting some sexy numbers they got clicked giving a distinct bronze look.  Unveiling the intimate collections Kim informed the British tabloid, Daily Mail: ‘My sisters and I are excited to reveal our new ad for our Kardashian Kollection Intimates! The intimate line is so gorgeous, comfortable and feminine and we are very proud of the line!’

Kim Kardashian wanted some hype for her collections and she knows how to get it. She posted a topless picture on her micro-blogging site and as always it worked to the hilt. This picture shows her in just pink silk shorts on a bed, covering her assets with a sheet. The 31 year old titled the picture as ‘Can’t sleep tonight’. The picture is believed to be taken from the campaign of their upcoming collection

Rihanna’s Hot New Armani Ad Campaign

Rihanna on Top

High end designer brand Ármani has come out with its fresh video campaign which features  R&B singer Rihanna  at her seductive best. She looks hot and smouldering in the video. It begins with her tossing and turning on bed while she is sporting a pair of bra and lacy panties. Later she slips into a skin tight denims and walks away.

Rihanna herself posted the video on Twitter saying: “Watch this video clip for my NEW @Armani add campaign … ENJOY!!!”

In this one minute long video, Rihanna is seen  in lingerie for more than forty seconds. Ever since RiRi became the face for Armani’s ad campaign in July 2011 she has been featured in many hot ad campaigns unleashed by Armani.

It seems Rihanna has given a  whole new dimension to Armani brand with her seductive and sexy style.