France Scared of These Movie Posters!

London: (ANI) Risque billboard posters for a new French adultery film ‘Les Infideles’ starring Oscar hopeful Jean Dujardin has been removed in Paris for being “too provocative”. The adverts show ‘The Artist’ star Dujardin and Gilles Lellouche in sexual positions which campaigners have said degrade women.

One image shows Lellouche on the telephone as a woman kneels in front of him as if she is performing a sex act. The poster is captioned “It’s going to cut out, I’m just entering a tunnel.” In the other advert a woman’s legs are in the air and are being held by Dujardin. It says underneath “I’m just going into a meeting”.

ARPP, the French advertising regulator, have ordered that the billboards be taken down. People have written on Twitter that the adverts are “crass and vulgar”. “We already feel that this campaign is against the rules, even if it relates to the subject of the film, a comedy about adultery,” a leading daily has quoted Stephane Martin, who works for the advertising watchdog as telling a French newspaper.

“As a preventative measure, we’ve already counselled JC Decaux, who are in charge of the billboards, to take them down,” Martin added. The Players, which goes by the French title ‘Les Infideles’, is about male infidelity and contains a selection of sketches.

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