Movie Review: ‘Jagga Jasoos’

Ranbir Kapoor as Jagga is brilliant. He lives his character on screen, which is sparkling and lively. He is aptly supported by Katrina Kaif as the London returned journalist Shruti Sengupta, who is hunting for leads in her story on the war against global terrorism. She plays the dumb-damsel with loads of bad luck on her side, to perfection. She is effortless in her comic timing and action.

Saswata Chatterjee as Jagga’s foster father Badal Bagchi, and a harbinger of “bad luck” is equally brilliant. Saurabh Shukla in a convoluted role chasing Badal is stereotypical and flat.
The plot of the film is sketchy and begins on a shaky note, but the scenes roll out seamlessly in dream-like sequences thanks to the brilliant editing by Akiv Ali and Ajay Sharma. Also, Director Anurag Basu’s frame composition shows his mastery over his craft.
The music by Pritam Chakraborty adds to the flavour of the narration. The songs in the film help to take the narrative forward as well as drive home a lesson. Striking among them are, “Sab khana khake, daru peeke, chale gaye,” and “Galti se mistake,” which is replete with philosophy and life lessons.
The choreography by Shiamak Davar is fresh and invigorating as each song is artistically presented.
Shot across terrains in Manipur, Kolkata and South Africa, Cinematographer S. Ravi Varman’s lens captured the locales in their full glory along with the animals of the region.
Overall, with a run time of two hours and forty-five minutes, there are moments when you inadvertently end up snatching forty winks. (IANS)
Our Ratings: **

‘Barfi’ Joins 100 Crore Club !

Director Anurag Basu and actor Ranbir Kapoor have certainly a reason to smile over the super success of ‘Barfi!’ at the box office. The movie  which is India’s official entry to the Oscars next year,  has entered the 100 crore club

Well known trade analyst Taran Adarsh’s tweeted today: “#Barfi has grossed 100 cr *worldwide* in 10 days.” This is Ranbir Kapoor’s first movie in the 100 crore club which is dominated by the Khan’s of Bollywood.

Ranbir Kapoor is one of those actors who has the potential to break the monopoly of Khan’s at the box office.

Movie Review: ‘Barfi’ (***Three Star)

(By Akshat Sharma) Watching ‘Barfi’ on big screen is an experience in itself. Director Anurag Basu has tried to portray a love story featuring physically challenged people. The central character in the movie is ‘Barfi’ who is deaf and dumb but he doesn’t look like one. He lives in Darjeeling with his father and inspite of all odds ‘Barfi’ behaves like rouge on the street. He freely pinches your asscheeks, eve teases college going girls and manages to go scot free which even today is not something easy to get away with.

Ranbir Kapoor has actually played himself. His mannerisms and action is similar to all his previous characters in movies featuring him. The only difference is that he is physically challenged in the movie. Why is he shown physically challenged is still a mystery to me. I guess the director wanted to showcase cute Ranbir not to speak so that girls watching the movie would gush over him.

Honestly speaking even if he were not deaf and dumb he would have acted in the same boisterous and over the top manner. Only Priyanka Chopra has done justice to her character  She looks physically and mentally challenged and she behaves like the one. In cinema characterization is an integral part. Her character Jhilmil is well defined and portrayed by the director.

A newcomer in Bollywood but a reputed name down south Illeana D’Cruz adds a unique freshness to the movie. Her character named Shruti narrates the story of Barfi to the audience and it begins with her encounter with ‘Barfi’. Shruti has just arrived in the city and she bumps into Barfi who falls in love with her for no good reason. May be she got the looks. This should not be an issue since the entire Bollywood industry buys into this ‘Tujhe Dekha Aur Pyar Ho Gaya’ notion so it is oaky if Barfi gets into this love at first sight situation. Shruti’s character is more believable as she gets excited by the idea of a ‘deaf and dumb’ doing not so dumb things.

Shruti is thrilled by Barfi’s antics and wants to take the marital route but her Mum provides her wise consul, ‘Beta it is okay to get into these uncommon flings but get married only to people who belong to your class”. She agrees and takes the boring husband route who belongs to affluent class. Taken aback by this sudden turn of events Barfi again tries his luck and this time he finds a ‘Pugli’ who is also ‘Ugly’.

The problem lies in the screenplay because director doesn’t explain the reason for this love. Even if we buy in ‘pure and good heart’ angle not one scene depicts this angle in the movie. All we see Ranbir running helter skelter after  kidnapping Priyanka who gets clingy and lo they are in love. Director also wastes lot of time with Saurabh Shukla’s character which was needless. The incidents of three kidnappings do not add to the movie and these sub plots divert your attention.

In the end the so called triangular love story meets the filmi fate as Barfi-Jhilmil die in the same bed. Well the idea is sweet but pretty illogical. Even the most lovey-dovey couple find it extremely difficult to time their deaths. But then it is movie and it is okay for directors to take such liberties.

Performance wise Priyanka Chopra and Illeana D’Cruz steal the show. They play their characters whereas Ranbir Kapoor has played ‘Barfi’ in his own trademark style. The biggest asset in the movie is cinematography and music which make the movie look like a poetry on screen.

Music director Pritam has finally given some soulful music and almost all his numbers blend with the narration. Kudos to Pritam for brilliant work. The movie has attracted lots of positive reviews thanks to gigantic PR machinery of UTV films but if one tries to  be honest to the movie the movie under delivers what it promises.

‘Barfi’ is not a bad film. It deserves credit for trying to be ‘different from the run of the mill stories’ but the effort and the process taken lack somewhere. If you like movies and watch Bollywood films you should go to theatre atleast once and then you should decide whether the movie was worth your attention or not.

‘Barfi’ Is Not A Silent Movie : Director

 (PTI) Director Anurag Basu, who is looking forward to the release of his Ranbir Kapoor-Priyanka Chopra starrer ‘Barfi’, says that its not a silent movie contrary to what its first trailer suggests.

The first trailer of the film relied completely on background score and emotions to convey its message to the audience.”Its not a silent film. The people who can speak in the film do talk. You have to understand that I have great actors who could convey a message without saying a word. What you saw in the trailer is what you can expect,” Basu told reporters at the first look of Barfi.

“Its not that there are no dialogues in the entire film. I did not think that I will make a silent film with no dialogues from beginning to end. Those who can speak have dialogues. I wanted that everyone should understand the story,” he said.

“There are fewer dialogues in the film and that is the specialty of the film. I had good actors who without saying anything could convey the story…Then nothing like it. Illena has few dialogues,” he added.The film revolves around a deaf and mute boy and a mentally challenged girl. From the trailer, it looks like Ranbir has been able to essay his role pretty well, and Priyanka’s mentally challenged avatar looks quite promising.

“I wanted to make a film which is different and beautiful to spread happiness. When the characters are different, it doesn’t mean the film is grim. It is a happy, commercial film,” Basu said. “Earlier on, yes, I made different dark passionate films..That time my life was different but now I am married and I have kids so I should make family films,” he said with a smile.

Also starring Tollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz, releases on September 14.

First Look: Watch Trailer For ‘Barfi’

The trailer for director Anurag Basu’s upcoming movie ‘Barfi’ released online today. Starring Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Ileana D’Cruz this movie is scheduled for September release.

Set in West Bengal this movie has been very challenging to the lead actors as they play a mentally challenged couple.