KSG -BB ‘Monkeymooning’ Making Waves In Tinsel Town

By Deepti Duggal 

“The first time you marry for love, the second for money, and the third for companionship”- Jackie Kennedy…. This is not me saying but the wife of a famous American President, although it was not applicable in her life but is definitely apt for our newlywed couple in tinsel town… KARAN SINGH GROVER AND BIPASHA BASU!!

The whole month of April was all about making their relationship public, to the masses being subjected to their minutest wedding planning… but before going into celebrating their Big Fat Wedding here let’s take a tour down memory lane with both Karan and Bipasha ji..
Both have had their respective pasts with regard to relationships, Bipasha being the bold bong girl was always open about her boyfriends, be it with Dino Morea who ultimately became her so called ‘ best friend’ and an agony uncle to all her problems.

The next in line was the dashing and oh so handsome John Abraham and I bet she made a lot of girls jealous when she started a live-in with him, but this solid rock relationship also crumbled down after 11 years and John went to marry some Ms Priya and Bipasha started to date a “Hrithik lookalike” by the name of Mr Harman Baweja.

The Harman-Bipasha love story was a blink and miss story, by the time the people actually started looking at them as a couple, they broke away and Bipasha was left all “Alone” again!!

Karan Singh Grover aka KSG was also in his space of relationships. It started with his gup-chup marriage with a TV actress Sharaddha Nigam which fortunately or unfortunately broke in 11 months flat… oh God .. why such cruelty.. You could have let them celebrate their 1st Anniversary atleast !!

Next came his Co-star, the very dainty and pretty Jennifer Winget, their love story began on sets and culminated in marriage to end in a divorce….reason being that Ms Winget was quite tired of KSG’s roving eye .. and like Bipasha , Mr KSG found himself “Alone” too !!

AND THEN CAME THE MOVIE…. And you guessed it right… by the name of ALONE where our two lonely souls met and cupid struck as both were looking for something called “LOVE” in their lives. After months of denial in spite of the various cozy Instagram pics and Twitter statuses, they finally succumbed and declared it loud and clear that “ Haan humne bhi pyar hai”.

Thus began the preparations of the Punjabi-Bong wedding where the whole of India participated as if it was their “Ghar ki Shaadi”..from Mehendi to Cocktails to Marriage and ofcourse the Reception where the entire Bollywood descended… both looked blissfully happy and utterly cute.

Poor KSG was trolled a lot saying that his track record was like that of Olympics…who gets married after every 4 years… and also that he is the most secular guy in our country.. 1st Marriage to a Sikhni, 2nd to a Christian and 3rd to a Hindu.. now waiting for the 4th to a Muslim !!!!

All said and done, right now they are the most romantic couple that bollywood has seen for a while and yes their honeymoon pics from Maldives on Instagram are making everyone go envy with green…but I have one question in my mind and its really making me think….

Is this marriage for love or companionship or two heartbroken people coming together… only time would tell.. but till then we wish this couple a very very happy wedded life and many years of togetherness…….

Movie Review: ‘Alone’ by Neha Ravindran

Movie: Alone
Director: Bhushan Patel
Cast: Bipasha Basu, Karana Singh Grover, Zakir Hussain
Genre: Horror

I am the last person you will find in line to buy a ticket to a horror film. You don’t need a horror movie to scare the daylights out of me, just stand behind the door and surprise me, that should do the job. Now that doesn’t mean I do not watch horror movies. I watch them on the televion, in bright daylight, with all the tubelights switched on and the volume pushed down to a mute. So, when I was asked to review Alone (an adaptation of a Thai movie by the same name), I frightfully swallowed a lump in my throat and assured myself, how bad can it be? After all Bollywod is not really known for making well crafted horror movies. And as it turns out to be, I am not that scared either.

Sanjana (Bipasha Basu) is haunted by the guilt around the death of her sister Anjana (Bipasha Basu again!). They were Siamese twins but were separated in their youth. Kabir (Karan Singh Grover) and Sanjana go to Kerala as Sanjana’s mother meets with an accident and is hospitalised there. To look after the mother, they decide to stay in town, in the house where Sanjana and Anjana grew up. Soon Sanjana begins to sense the presence of her sister which Kabir rubbishes as hallucinations. Sanjana is taken for therapy to a psychologist (Zakir Hussain), but will Sanjana ever get over the death of her sister? Or will the Anjana come back to seek revenge?

What makes a horror movie scary is often not the brilliance of the actors, but its rather the technical effects and the background score. In Alone the only thing scaring me was the background shor. There were neither brilliant technical effects nor a freakish background score, rather the sound was amplified to the extent that even a phone ringing hurt my ears. Bipasha Basu’s acting has not changed much over her previous horror roles, and that reminds me, has she signed some lifetime contract of horror movies? Just wondering!! Karan Singh Grover’s acting is decent enough only there is nothing much to act out. Anyone with even the slightest trace of common-sense can predict the story within the first half. Also what is it with these ghosts making noises only at night? Are they nocturnal like owls?! Again, just wondering!!

The ghost in the movie, whose ghoulish presence is barely there, is caked in greyish powder. Now, that’s an old trick in the book and is no longer ghost-ish enough. Come on now, what’s the point of a ghost who could not even give me goose bumps. Also, the biggest faux pass in the movie is when the ghost turns into an angel- aarrgghh… I was practically pulling out my hair and you can see my bald spots. Now that’s scarier than the movie.
Horror freaks will not enjoy the movie so I will not recommend it to you. For others who don’t mind an occasional scare (because there are only a few scary occasions in the movie), Alone can be a decent time-pass. Though I would suggest, don’t watch Alone, alone. It would be undoubtedly more fun with a company to laugh with if not get scared.

My verdict: **


Movie Review : ‘Raaz 3’ (*One Star)

(By Akshat Sharma) ‘Raaz 3’ is the third instalment of  Vikram Bhatt’s  fear factory called ‘Raaz Series’. As usual you have apna ‘Serial Kisser’ Emraan Hashmi who knows what it takes to be a star in Bhatt films.  To give him company there are two dusky sirens Bipasha Basu and Esha Gupta. Cast complete. For screenplay the producer-director outline a series of skin show, some steamy kisses and sprinkle it with songs in between. They also have a not so friendly ‘Aatma’ who seems to have taken classes from Hollywood’s professional zombies.

It is a kind of a movie where to have a brain in your head becomes a sin. The movie opens with an award function where Shanaya (played by Bipasha Basu) expects the best female actor award to come her way but surprise ! The award goes to a newbie Sanjana (played by Esha Gupta ) and the award is given by director  Aditya (played by Emraan Hashmi). The effect of  this rude shock is almost immediate. Shanaya suddenly finds one of her old hands waiting at the end of the red carpet. He takes her to someone who is a living evil Aatma! Yes you are right an ‘Aatma’ trapped in a corpse like human body. He introduces her to ‘Kaali Vidya’ and lo she gets some kind of ‘water’ which Aditya is supposed to inject into Esha’s body.

Aditya  is a poor Bollywood director who wants to have the best of both the worlds. Shanaya knows him too well and one sex session in bed he becomes docile. He starts doing exactly what Shanaya wants him to do. Bechara Hashmi is caught in eternal dilemma. On the one hand he wants to be honest to Sanjana but on the other hand he also cannot forget Shanaya’s contribution in pushing his career graph higher.

After consuming few shots of that ‘water’ which was discreetly given to her by Aditya, Sanjana loses her sanity and starts behaving like what you call in Haryanwi, a ‘Baawali Gaend’. Aditya is full of remorse when he sees her mental condition. One fine evening when Sanjana was scared and crying, Aditya in true Hashmi style silenced her with a lip smacking smooch! Phir kya tha, Kahani me twist and the tables are turned. Aditya stops playing into the hands of Shanaya and the drama  in the story enters into ‘Aatmoan Ki Duniya’.

Dialogues in the movie also turn irrational to keep up with the feverish pitch of the movie. Sample some of them: “If you love me you can be stupid” and “You are fucking, aren’t you! Ab jab tum chahe use paani de sakte ho!” The subsequent events lead the movie to a morgue where Aditya fights with ‘Buri Aaatma’ for Sanjana. Shanya knows she has lost everything in this battle so no point living a failed life. She commits suicide, khanai khatam..

Coming to the performance department I must admit Bipasha Basu has played her part with conviction. She knew her role was silly but even then she has managed to put up a good show. Esha Gupta looks wooden. The only thing she is comfortable doing is stripping out of her clothes and flaunting her assets. Emraan Hashmi is the king of erotic thrillers and the role is simply a cakewalk for him.

As a horror movie ‘Raaz 3’ is not even your average stuff. Directed by Vikram Bhatt, ‘ Raaz 3’  fails to send shivers down your spine. The director did not even match his own standards set in ‘Haunted’ last year. ‘Haunted’ was a much better movie than ‘Raaz 3’. His latest offering lacks in almost all department. The only bright spot in the movie is Bipasha Basu  and if we leave her aside the film is nothing but a farce in the name of fear.

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“I Love Being An Eye Candy But…”

Bipasha Basu in ‘Raaz 3’

(PTI) Bipasha Basu does not mind being known for her sexy looks and seductive husky voice but the actress says she is done being just an eye candy and wants to do meatier roles. The 33-year-old said that from now on she wants to star in films which will earn her the respect as an actor.

“I know I look good. The regular adjectives that come my way- sexy, hot, dusky, bong bombshell… I love them. It is going to stay with me. But I am done looking pretty. Now, I want meaty roles. I want to do entertaining films, where a woman gets the respect of being an actor.

“All my colleagues are trying to move away from that. After all how long can you be an eye candy? I love being an eye candy. I know am an eye candy. But then what. I want to move a little bit deeper,” Bipasha told reporters.

The model-turned-actress has starred in commercial films like ‘No Entry’, ‘Phir Hera Pheri’, ‘Dhoom 2’, ‘Race’ as well as off-beat films like ‘Corporate’, ‘Omkara’, ‘Shob Charitro Kalponik’. She says she did try her hands in the art house genre but now wants to just do commercial films which earn a lot of money.

“It is said that anyone who does commercial cinema is not acting and anyone who does an art film is acting. I don’t believe it. I feel whenever you are doing a film you are acting. So, you need to be applauded for that. I won’t do art house cinemas. I want to make commercial films. I want my films to make money.

“You don’t have to do off beat films to prove that you can act. I have done it but only to prove myself that I can fit convincingly into every kind of films. I want to do the 100 crore film where the hero does all the work and I get to relax,” she added.

First Look: Trailer For ‘Raaz 3’

The first trailer for the upcoming horror flick ‘Raaz 3’ featuring  Bipasha Basu, Emraan Hashmi and Eesha Gupta has come out. The event was also marked by the release of a new poster for the movie.

The first poster featuring Bipasha Basu wrapped in spooky arms of a devil was an instant hit among the film fraternity. The second poster brings Emraan Hashmi and Eesha in the lime light.  Bipasha’s haunting presence on the poster cannot be ignored.

Directed by Vikram Bhatt Raaz 3 is the third instalment of the ‘Raaz’ horror flick series. The film is expected to hit movie theatres on September 07, 2012.