Silent Films Catch Cinegoers Attention At Mumbai Film Fest

Mumbai: (IANS) Eleven silent films from the 1920s, including `Raja Harishchandra` and `Sati Savitri`, were screened Wednesday at the 14th Mumbai Film Festival. One film, `A Throw Of Dice`, was accompanied by a live orchestra.

“The highlight this year was restored silent films. `Throw Of Dice` was screened with a live orchestra. It was an 80-minute film and it was outstanding,” Swati Rohatgi, a film enthusiast, told reporters. To mark 100 years of Indian cinema, four films of Dadasaheb Phalke — “Kaliya Mardan” (1919), “Shri Krishna Janma” (1918), “Lanka Dahan” (1917) and “Raja Harishchandra” (1913) — were screened.

The other films were Baburao Painter`s “Sati Savitri” (1927) and “Murlivala” (1927), Kalipada Das`s “Jamai Babu” (1931), G.P. Pawar`s “Diler Jigar” (1931), P.V. Rao`s “Marthand Varma”(1931) and Franz Osten`s “Shiraz” (1929) and “A Throw Of Dice” (1929).

“It was a great idea to screen silent films. The festival should show more silent films,” said writer-journalist Ranjib Mazumder.

Oz Cricket Comedy To Premiere On Mumbai Film Festival

A still from ‘Save Your Legs’

Mumbai: (IANS) ‘Save Your Legs!’, an Australian feature film around the theme of cricket, is set for its India premiere at the Mumbai Film Festival (MFF) Sunday. Filmed in Melbourne, Kolkata, Varanasi and Mumbai, ‘Save Your Legs!’ is a comedy inspired by true events. It tells the story of Teddy Brown, a 30-something man whose life revolves around his mates and their local Melbourne cricket club.

As his mates confront their middle-age challenges, Teddy faces the prospect of his cricket club coming apart, so he pitches an audacious three-match tour of India and a mission to meet cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. The film is being screened as part of Oz Fest, an Australian cultural festival staged in India.

Australian High Commissioner Peter Varghese hopes “Indians come to understand more about Australia” through the film. “The film shows us what we have in common, from cricket to comedy, to great friendships and films,” he said in a statement. The premiere will be attended by special guests from Australia and Bollywood, including actress and Oz Fest Ambassador Pallavi Sharda.

Pallavi will be joined by fellow Oz Fest Ambassadors, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris of Australian Masterchef fame, and Cricket Australia`s National Indigenous cricket team and the cast and crew on the red carpet.

“With its cast including talent from Australia and India, the film is a perfect example of the ties between the two countries that I have experienced both growing up in Australia and living in India,” said Pallavi. “Save Your Legs!`, is directed by Boyd Hicklin, produced by Robyn Kershaw and Nick Batzias and written by Brendan Cowell.

Another Australian film, ‘The Sapphires’, inspired by true story of four singers from a remote Aboriginal mission who entertained American troops during the Vietnam War, will also be screened for the first time in India at the MFF.