5 Reasons To Watch Sexify!

By Nital Jain 

Netflix has been very promising in giving us its hit original series from all around the world, with different ligulas of course and subtitles. Sexify is now streaming on the platform and is currently trending on no.5 in India. It is a Polish comedy with a unique sense of humour and a different way of blending awareness with fiction.
The show revolves around a science geek, Natalie, the protagonist who was building an innovative app to optimise sleep but with the subject teacher’s suggestion, she hops on to planning a new app that is ‘sexy’ and relatable to people, which brings her to a conclusion, SEX or ‘seks’ in polish. She is sexually inexperienced and awkward, so much so that she asks her friends to give the inputs for her app on sexual experience. Just when you thought you would not get something as good as Sex Education to watch, this show is all you need.

Reasons, why you should definitely binge-watch the Polish series:

1. Good writing and strong characterisation

The entire series is filled with very likeable characters and somewhat relatable plot lines. The writing is straight forward, and it perfectly blends the development of the three women characters, Natalie, Paulina and Monika along with the story moving forwards towards its final goal, the app development and the competition deadline. As a viewer, you witness regular teenage problems like pretentious relationships, messy and awkward family holidays and the pace of one’s personal growth which makes it hard not to watch. However, it can be a little lengthy for some because of its obvious outcomes, like Natalie working with the girls on an application for sex was quite obvious from the first episode itself but again the characters, their personal growth and the unique humour keeps you fully engaged.

2. Gripping
The strong togetherness and friendship are addictive and wholesome.
All the female leads have their different charm and will keep you hooked to their story, for example, Paulina had a monotonous relationship with her long time boyfriend but under the influence of alcohol and narcotics she gave into the experiment, devouring her inner demons and kissing girls and doing things that she never thought she would do and a lot of us would agree to the fact that intoxication gives us the courage to really do what we have been wanting to do. The most adhesive factor is the personal growth of all the individual characters and the gradual change that we see in them till the end of the show that makes it binge-worthy.

3. Educating in terms of Female pleasure and orgasm  

The show revolves around creating an app for females, to know their body and to achieve and optimise female pleasure. It educates about the tone of female pleasure and that it has a lot to do other than just physiology. The negligence of women pleasure and orgasm is very common and highlighting this fact via Paulina and her fiance’s not so spicy bedroom life and how Monika couldn’t achieve an orgasm because of her emotional unavailability, says a lot about the show and how diverse it was in terms of showcasing female problems. This can be educating to women as well as men.

4. Female centric
The show is female-centric with three main girl protagonist and just a few pivotal roles played by men, makes this show fresh for Indian viewers. The only character that had a lot to do with the flow of the storyline was their teacher, Mr Krynicki, who pushed these girls to create something wonderful and leveraged his position as a teacher for their dreams and hard work. The show is very relatable and the story is fresh though it is sometimes a little too unreal but still gripping. The series covers women’s desires rather than focusing on men and their needs, which makes it more appealing in teen dramas.

5.Different Culture tour

In India sex is the last thing that is talked about with children, even if they reach college there is a large probability that sex is not discussed at any point of their life in the family. The show showcases sex rules according to religion ( as in Paulina’s case), family ( as in Natalia’s case where her mother did not want her to get involved in all of this) and then there were Monika’s parents who were okay with sex and in one episode her father even caught her during sex. All of this might seem unreal to the Indian audience but is fresh. The Sex Toy shop and the Sex Expo also add to the freshness of the show and makes it more interesting at the same time.

All in all the series is definitely a good one time watch, with a stellar cast and a merry story, might get a little boring from time to time but you will never be able to move away from your screens. Might learn a few polish words too, so there is no loss after all. It’s ‘Super’ and I would totally recommend it.
 Happy Binging!

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