Yana cashing on her new found fame: Goes Topless For FHM

Czech model and a prominent item number dancer Yana Gupta, who made sensation with her no-panty act is slowly climbing up the ladder. Her sensational stunt has fetched her few offers and Yana is looking to make the maximum out of it. Recently Czech hottie Yana Gupta has posed topless on the cover of the May issue of the men’s magazine FHM.
Yana poses sans her top in skimpy denim shorts for the cover that describes the ‘Bijli Giri’ siren as a reluctant item girl.
As per the grapevine, Yana Gupta charged Rs. 15 lakh to do this topless shoot. She was even willing to go full nude but the publication couldn’t afford the high price tag that the actress demanded and settled down with just a topless photo shoot.
If the buzz is to be believed, Yana demanded two crore rupees to go full monty. She is waiting for internationally celebrated magazines to offer her huge bucks.
Any takers??

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