I will not strip on TV for mere 2 crores: Poonam Pandey

Aspiring actress and model  Poonam Pandey loves to be in news, all the time. He came to limelight this year when she announced that if India won the cricket World Cup she would strip in joy. Although she disappointed millions in India as she went into hiding after India became the world champion. After that episode she hit the headlines when  her MMS clip started doing the rounds on the internet. 
These days she is rumoured to be featuring in ‘Big Boss’ newest season. When quizzed about the being offered Rs. 2 crore to feature on ‘Bigg Boss,’ the actress says, “2 crore is too less a sum to strip on national television. How can I say yes to that?” While on the other hand, sources from the ‘Big Boss’ house have confirmed that Poonam was never approached, rubbishing Poonam’s claims.
But, she seems totally unaffected by the controversies that seem to be flooding the tinsel town and exclaims, “I think I was looking sexy in the MMS clip. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in that, the way it’s been portrayed by the media. My fans love me so, they shot me that way”.
But do her parents know about this? “Marwaogi kya. My parents are not even aware about this MMs scandal,” adds Poonam.
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