Yana goes gaga over her pantyless painting

Bollywood actress Yana Gupta, who was in news couple of months back for making a panty-less appearance at an event, has become a muse of sorts for artist Pranava Prakash.
The artist recently immortalised the sizzler on canvas, wearing the same black outfit that she was wearing during the fashion faux pas. The painting also has two children, who appear naked, sitting right next to Yana.
Apparently, instead of fuming with anger and slapping a lawsuit, Yana has taken the painting as a compliment, which was inspired by her panty-less misadventure.
Talking to a daily, Prakash said that his painting evokes the divide between ‘Bharat and India.’ When the painting was sent to Yana, she said, “It’s quite witty and original —definitely a good piece of art! I wouldn’t buy it though. It’s better than I expected!”
Yana not only wrote back to the painter but also congratulated him on the work. Explaining about his work of art, Prakash said, “Bharat, belongs to vast 32%, who cannot afford bare minimal clothing while there is a five star culture where the glitterati is preferring less cloth because of fashion.”
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