When ‘Sheila’ Became ‘Jawaan’!

Katrina decided to celebrate the Independence Day month with the Indian army. She spent three days with them. She rode the bike, played the guitar and fired few rounds from AK-56.
The programme undertaken by the actress for a television show saw her doing some major army tricks along with the jawaans in the Forward Post along the Line of Control in the Jhangar area of Nowshere sector in the Rajouri district.
On her first visit to the district of Rajouri, Katrina arrived by road from Jammu to the army mess in Rajouri where she had been put up for the duration of her stay at the camp.
Kick-starting the event, Katrina planted saplings in the compound. And though civilians were not allowed to enter the area, top army officials from the Northern Command headquarters in Udhampur, attended the event.
She followed it up with a firing session, rope climbing and river crossing exercise with the army officials in the range. The girl who has undergone an image makeover with her recent films, went a step further and learnt shooting with the jawaans. And she did not stop there. Katrina also learnt the nuances of climbing roofs and crossing a river the way it’s done at the border along with the men. And while she was learning the ways of the men in uniform, civilians flocked around the area trying to catch a glimpse of the pretty actress sporting army greens.
In fact, the jawaans were overjoyed when their Sheila joined them for lunch at the camp and interacted with them.

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