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To Get Noticed B’Town Heroines Go Commando!

Bollywood’s lesser known actresses have discovered a new way to hog the lime light and that is going commando and letting the shutterbugs freeze the moment for eternity.  After Sonali Bendre, Shamita Shetty and Yana Gupta , ‘Çhu Mui Girl’ Preeti Jhangiani chose this path to catch some media attention.
Preeti  is producing her  husband’s  Pravin Dabas’ directorial venture, ‘Sahi Dhande, Galat Bande’ and while attending a promotion of the movie in Delhi she  decided to go commando. A similar incident had occurred with starlet and item dance number specialist Yana Gupta who was spotted panty less at an event. Not only did it raise eyebrows but also got Yana two minutes of fame. The incident also took place right before her TV stint, which generated enough curiosity.
Shamita Shetty was infact the first of such celebrities to be snapped in a compromising pose. While Shamita decided to keep mum about the entire matter, Yana sportingly called herself the ‘no-panty girl’ on a social networking site. Soon after, actresses Neetu Chandra and Sonali Bendre were caught in the same situation. And when a cheeky lenseman informed Sonali about her faux pas, she promptly replied, “I`m happy that you saw it all”. So all the starlets and ‘have-beens’ please take a note; going commando on public events where there are ample opportunities to be clicked is the easiest and simplest way to garner fame.

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