Movie Review: Friends With Benefits

This week’s release includes Will Gluck’s Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis starrer ‘Friends With Benefits’ – a befitting take on the worldview of romantic comedies.The film takes a dig at the schmaltzy and over the top emotional tearjerkers to a new world of relationships. ‘Friends with Benefits’ derive saccharine conventions of love and courtship while parodying romance.

In ‘Friends with Benefits,’ Mila Kunis plays Jamie, a New York corporate headhunter and Justin Timberlake is Dylan, an art director.Like ‘No Strings Attached’, ‘Friends with Benefits’ too believes in weeding out emotions from sex. A chance meet changes the life of Dylan and Jamie and the two quickly strike a friendship. Wary of a previous soured relationship, the two are game for a purely sexual affair. However, this fling soon turns into a serious romance.

A quick paced, witty and urban flick, ‘Friends with Benefits’ comes off as a cleverly written movie which has lots of punches.You cannot afford to miss out Justin and Mila in their perfect yuppie act who hit off instantly and get together in bed, oblivious to the fact that getting physical can further complicate things. Justin and Mila perfectly complement each other – be it in the bed or in their friendly banter.

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