Friday Release: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Yet another romantic comedy from the Yash Raj Films has hit theatres today. ‘Mere Brother ki Dulhan’ is a love story of a  unique sort where two brothers end up wanting to be with the same girl.

 It is a hilarious love triangle and a peppy script to suit the audiences across different age groups as it offers complete  entertainment for everyone. Kush Agnihotri, the younger brother played by Imran Khan is an assistant director in  Bollywood who is now on a mission to find a suitable bride for his elder brother.

Ali Zafar who plays the role of Luv Agnihotri is the elder one who has a secured job in London. Luv has had a break up with  his long-term girlfriend, Piyali played by Tara D’Souza, and is now desperate to move on. In an attempt to move on, Luv calls  his younger brother Kush in India and tells him to bride-hunt for him. He trusts his younger brother to find an ideal girl for  him as the two share the same taste. Now Kush launches the hunt for the suitable bride.

After many failed attempts, one day he gets a call from a bureaucrat played by Kawaljeet in response to a matrimonial add    for Luv. Kush goes to meet the girl and her father. He is shocked to meet Dimple Dixit played by Katrina Kaif, as he knows of her as a wild and adventurous girl who he had met in at an excursion five years ago.

But the two families happen to approve and like each other so the preparations of Luv and Dimple’s wedding start. Now during the course of preparations, Kush and Dimple happen to fall in love with ea ch other.Dimple speaks her heart out to Kush who takes a little longer to realise that he too is in love with her. But a few days down the line Kush realizes the same and then begins the quest of lovers to unite in an awkward situation like this.

Ali Abbas Zafar’s story is based on the age-old formula of a love triangle and is not necessarily novel. However, the screenplay, also penned by the director himself, keeps the audience involved and engrossed at all times.

The story unfolds in such a manner that the viewers are eager to know what is going to happen next. At places, the screenplay dips but over all Ali Abbas Zafar manages to keep the story engaging.

The emotional undercurrents in the drama make it more than just a light-hearted comedy. The dialogues are good and entertaining at the same time. The youth will definitely identify more with the dialogues than the older generation.

Katrina looks as gorgeous as ever and she does justice to her role as the wild child Dimple.

Imran Khan sticks to his chocolate boy image once again and watching Pakistani singer Ali Zafar in a Bollywood film is a good treat to the eyes.

All in all a light hearted hilarious rom-com which surely makes it a must go for this weekend!

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