Nicole Kidman to do item song for 5 crores!

Since the recent past, item numbers have become an integral part of Bollywood films. With hit numbers like ‘Munni’ and ‘Shiela’ grabbing incredible public attention, it has become inevitable for every film to have one gyrating number for sure.

Bollywood filmmakers are leaving no stone unturned to cash in on this aspect of popularising their films. The latest buzz is that director Rumi Jaffery approached Hollywood diva Nicole Kidman to do a desi number in his forthcoming film, `Gali Gali Mein Chor Hai`.

On being quizzed by a daily, Jaffery he said, “We`ve approached Nicole Kidman to do a song, but I wouldn`t call it an item song. We have mailed Nicole the song and her response is positive, just her dates are awaited. Earlier, Shakira had been approached for it, but due to some monetary issues, it couldn`t work out.”

Grapevine has it that the Oscar winner actress has quoted whopping 5 crores for the song!

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