Friday Review: ‘Kahaani’ (****)

Kahaani: A Tale From Kolkata

Cine goers in India are having a gala time these days. After being witness to ‘Paan Singh Tomar’s success movie goers got an opportunity to watch another engaging’Kahaani. Actor Vidya Balan has achieved a distinct identity for her craft and elegance. In a very short span of time her body of work seems too good to be true.

In Kahaani she plays Vidya Bagchi, a non-resident Indian (NRI) who is seven months pregnant and trying to trace her husband who goes missing somewhere in Kolkata. The moment Vidya lands in Kolkata we get immersed in the fluid, mystic and colourful Kolkata. Suspense is not something which is superimposed in the movie but it is beautifully embedded in the script. As Vidya travels on the streets and bylanes of the great ‘Çity of Joy’ we also tend to get lost in the movie.

The audience get hooked on the unexpected twists and turns presented in the movie by the director Sujoy Ghosh. His narrative is heady yet smooth. In fact the story and narrative is so powerful that even if the worst critics of  Kolkata will be exhilarated by  the city  its streets, its people and of course  its vibrant culture.

‘Kahaani’ is a joy to behold. Vidya as an actor gives an incredible performance as a woman who knows to fight against the odds. She deserves all the encomiums which she has received in the past one year.As director of the movie Sujoy Ghosh makes a good comeback after making movie like ‘Jhankar Beats’. He has the potential to grow as someone who could be called a perfectionist.He knows how to bring out the best in his actors. Not only Vidya Balan comes out in flying colours but Sujoy manages to get the best out of his other actors as well.

Watch it to believe it. ‘Filmi Files’ gives four stars to this mysterious ‘Kahaani’.

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