Akshay Kumar Loves ‘Dilli’ And ‘Dilli Di Sardi’

Akshay says he misses Delhi’s smooth roads and well-connected bridges back in Mumbai. “I have spent my childhood in Delhi and I know each and every road very well. But Delhi has changed a lot. It has changed for the better… the roads are smooth, the Metro has made life easier, and there are lovely bridges and great roads. Unfortunately, we don’t have them in Mumbai,” Akshay said.

He said roads in Mumbai were terrible. “I think the construction will never stop. I don’t know what they are making…there is no good drive in Mumbai. There’s no way you can take sports cars anywhere. Even if one can afford them, where to take them? In Delhi, you can still think of driving…wahaan chalaayenge kahaan (where in Mumbai will we drive them),” he said.

The ‘khiladi’ is in the capital shooting for Neeraj Pandey’s ‘Special Chabbis’. He was busy shooting a scene in Connaught Place. Though he has shot for over 100 films, Akshay says this is the first time he has shot in the area. And while he loves the experience, he wishes he could have shot in the city in January.

“I like the weather to be colder; I love it when it’s very cold. I miss that weather in Mumbai,” said a nostalgic Akshay

Agency: (IANS)

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