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Scandal: Poonam Pandey Shouts Out Loud “Luv U Viraat Mwaah’

India’s  shining  cricket star Virat Kohli these days is attracting accolades not only from the sport lovers but also from  people like Poonam Pandey who have developed special affinity with this game of ‘Bat’ and ‘Ball’.

Virat who played a scintillating knock on Sunday against Pakistan and helped India  win a crucial game of cricket is one of the eligible bachelors today. Popularly known as the ‘rockstar’ of Team India cricket Virat Kohli has made Poonam Pandey go gaga over him.

Tweeting  after India’s win Poonam wrote, “Wow whatta match muwaaaaah luv u virattttt”. She didn’t stop at that and  heaping praise on him she exclaimed “Very well played Kohli! Massive applauds to your spirit! You done us proud today and we will always remember this special innings (sic).”

She went crazy for Virat,  “yay! yay! yay!…Kohli is a gem..pakistan waalo bura na maano kohli hai.” And then she decided to celebrate the win by posting a semi-naked picture of herself on the micro blogging site.

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