Poonam Pandey Begins Shooting With Bedroom Scene !

Pic Courtesy : Twitter

Mumbai: (IANS) Controversy queen Poonam Pandey has finally started shooting for her Bollywood debut movie ‘Nasha’, and the first shot she canned for the movie was a bedroom scene.

‘Jism’ fame director Amit Saxena is wielding the megaphone for ‘Nasha’. “Heard that you need to get into bed to get a role in the movies. Well, I got into bed for my mahurat shot. I shot into bed for my mahurat shot for my debut film,” the 21-year-old tweeted.

Poonam`s claim to fame is her announcement to go nude before Team India if they won the 2011 cricket World Cup. However, she didn`t get a chance to do it.

Later, she announced that she would strip if superstar Shah Rukh Khan`s Indian Premier League (IPL) team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) won the fifth edition of IPL tournament. This time the model kept her word – post KKR`s win in May, she posted her nude picture on Twitter.

First Look: Poonam Pandey Strikes Reverse ‘Titanic Pose’

Erotic Yoga: Poonam Pandey (Courtesy : HT)

Finally Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has some real competition. The first look of Internet sensation Poonam Pandey’s in her debut film has been leaked online and the picture displays her performing some Yogasana in minimal clothes. Clearly it gives us an indication of things to come. It would be understatement to say that her movie is going to be replete with scenes of generous skin show.

Although the movie has been a closely guarded secret but if rumours are to be believed the title of her movie is ‘Nasha’.  Directed by Amit Saxena ‘Nasha’ is generating tremendous buzz both online and offline due to the fact that Poonam Pandey is featuring in a movie.

Poonam Pandey came to limelight last year when India won the Cricket World Cup. She had promised to go nude if India won the cup. Since then she has remained in the news for her controversial statements and outrageous pictures shared by her on her social media account.

Poonam Pandey Goes Commando !

Pic Courtesy :Twitter

Pressure to show more skin has pushed wannabe actor cum model Poonam Pandey to go commando. With Sherlyn Chopra’s Playboy act hogging the limelight Poonam Pandey must be feeling ignored. Therefore she decided to make a comeback by posting a picture which gives a peek of her asscheeks.

She wrote on twitter last night “No pants are the best pants,” and added, “I complain about my house being so fucking cold yet I`m walking around with no pants on… Oh, alright (sic).” Taking it further Poonam informed her fans,  “Whenever I lie around naked and fondle my breasts, I realize I’m not a porn star and I’m not getting paid so I never do that, idiots(sic).”

Certainly the pressure is showing on her as she has to discover new ways to get people hooked on her.

Poonam Pandey Celebrates ‘Bikini Day’ With Gusto

Poonam Pandey: (Pic Courtesy Twitter)

Today is the International Bikini day which is marked by the debut of bikini swim suit, designed by French designer by Louis Reard, on 5th July, 1946 in Paris. Internet model took t Poonam Pandey took this opportunity to flash her body and posted her new bikini clad pictures.

Posting a message on a social networking she wrote, “Today is International Bikini Day and we r gonna Celebrate this.. will have a Non stop Party here on Twitter (sic).” She went a step ahead and declared this day as the Poonam Pandey Day.  She further tweeted, ‘Why not name this International Bikini Day as – #PoonamPandeyDay or The Poonam Pandey Bikini Revolution. :D’.

With her uncanny ability to tap every moment Poonam Pandey certainly knows how to be in the news all the time. Yesterday when the world was discussing God’s Particle she challenged the scientists to discover ‘G Spot’ ! Poonam wrote “What the big deal in finding God particle…dare them to find the G-Spot! They`ve finally found the God particle, what`s taking them so long finding the g-spot? ”

Adding further she wrote: “Is god particle another name for the G-spot, and the scientist dude found it after much effort last night?? no?”






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Unruffled Poonam Ready To Make Things ‘Hotter’

Poonam Pandey: What Next? ( Picture Courtesy: Twitter)

Internet model Poonam Pandey has created a storm on Google and other networks when she decided to strip to mark Kolkata Knight Riders victory in this year IPL. Indians went berserk looking for her pictures in buff and then reacting sharply against her ‘immoral act’. She is least bothered about any criticism and taking it in stride she has announced to make things ‘hotter’ for her audience.

She made this announcement in public today when she tweeted, “ Thanx for having trust and patience towards me … i Promise the next Show is gonna get Hot, Hotter and Hottest luv u all xox (Sic).”

Poonam became an internet phenomenon last year when she promised to go nude if India wins the Cricket World Cup. India won but she chickened out. Now after a gap of 1 year she did what she had promised. Although what she did was pretty lame by international standards but India as a country is a regressive society which likes to keep everything in the closet.

Therefore when any Tina Dina or Hina decides to wear her birthday suit the whole country is hooked. Poonam Pandey is a byproduct of India’s hypocritical social order. There were people who poked fun at her. Specially micro blogging site Twitter was buzzing with jokes on Poonam Pandey. Sample some of the funniest one.

Angry Bombay Girl (@shadymumbai): Dear Poonam Pandey …so Much Hype and Thats all what u show ??? Even Tushaar Kapoor showed more Skin Than That in His Beach Picture.

Rofl Indian (@Roflindian): Dear Poonam Pandey, my worry is not that you’re making a total cheapo of yourself, but that you’re making a total Orkut of Twitter.

Rajneesh Kapoor (@MrMrRajneesh): If Viswannathan Anand wins the World Championship, Poonam Pandey promises to show the Mating Positions.

Doctor at large (@doctoratlarge): Just when you thought nothing could be cheaper than the Indian rupee, Poonam Pandey proves you wrong.

Comedy Central India (@ComedyCentralIn): Each time you read a Poonam Pandey tweet, you kill a few brain cells.

Faking News (@fakingnews): Dear Poonam Pandey, petrol ke daam badhe hain, kapdo ke nahi!

The Weird King (@rixabh): You can’t be more jobless than Poonam Pandey.

Scandal: Poonam Pandey Shouts Out Loud “Luv U Viraat Mwaah’

India’s  shining  cricket star Virat Kohli these days is attracting accolades not only from the sport lovers but also from  people like Poonam Pandey who have developed special affinity with this game of ‘Bat’ and ‘Ball’.

Virat who played a scintillating knock on Sunday against Pakistan and helped India  win a crucial game of cricket is one of the eligible bachelors today. Popularly known as the ‘rockstar’ of Team India cricket Virat Kohli has made Poonam Pandey go gaga over him.

Tweeting  after India’s win Poonam wrote, “Wow whatta match muwaaaaah luv u virattttt”. She didn’t stop at that and  heaping praise on him she exclaimed “Very well played Kohli! Massive applauds to your spirit! You done us proud today and we will always remember this special innings (sic).”

She went crazy for Virat,  “yay! yay! yay!…Kohli is a gem..pakistan waalo bura na maano kohli hai.” And then she decided to celebrate the win by posting a semi-naked picture of herself on the micro blogging site.

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YouTube Removes Poonam Pandey’s ‘Dirty Holi’ Video

Internet model and aspiring actress Poonam Pandey’s decision to play ‘dirty holi’ video on the internet has been censored by YouTube. The site removed her video but it did not deter her from attracting eyeballs through pictures.  She has posted three pictures in different stages of nudity on Twitter. She tweeted, “#NewPic Tweethearts!! whtz ur Plan for this HOLI … Mine u will Experience it soon! (sic)”. 

Apart from her dirty play on Twitter, she is also gearing up to post a hot video of hers. “TwetHearts!!! the Video “Dirty Play” is o in its Way in Next few hrs and Series of Pix … Keep Watching … (sic)”, she added.

She also posted a video of hers on Twitter via YouTube and wrote, “WARNING 18 & under should not try looking up the Video. that said i do not take responsibility for anyone under age #DirtyPlayofPoonamPandey(sic).”

The video was removed quickly from YouTube because it violated the terms and conditions formulated by the site.

After Virat Kohli’s Ton Its Poonam Pandey’s Turn To Stun!

Aspiring actress and model Poonam Pandey has celebrated Indian cricket team’s stunning win over Sri Lanka by going topless. Last year during the cricket world cup she had promised to go naked after India’s win but she shied away from it. Since then she has been regularly posting her raunchy pictures on micro-blogging site Twitter.com and has successfully created a huge fan following in India.

Sharing her topless picture with her fans, Poonam tweeted, “Finally on Public demand Sharing a pic #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini Tweethearts!! Thanx for Loving me so Much .. Luv u all .. lot more to come in future its just a Trailor “Picture Abhi Baaki hey Mere Tweethearts”(sic).”

In an effort to keep minors at bay she tweeted,”WARNING 18 & under should not try looking up the pic. that said i do not take responsibility for anyone under age #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini(sic).”

Poonam Pandey Launches Counter Attack Against Taslima

After keeping her calm for nearly 24 hours Poonam Pandey decided to fight back. Today in the afternoon she lobbed well thought quotes through her Twitter account which were directed against Taslima Nasreen, the controversial author from Bangladesh.

Poonam Pandey began with the much hyped Fword and wrote, “F**k what people say… Do YOU. Some people will hate you for it, but it`s the ones that love you for it that are more important (sic).” Taking pride in her actions Poonam tweeted, “Most people hide their sexual demons; we harness ours up & take them out for a ride (sic).”

It seems the lewd remarks by Taslima against Poonam have filled her with fire and fury. She is now fighting fire with fire. As this war of words escalates we hope that someone comes out with something witty to push the other person at a loss for words

All this began with Taslima’s sudden outburst against Poonam on Twitter when she wro, “Poonam Pandey got naked but not satisfied. She wanna do dirtiest things none did before. Wants to get f****d in public!(sic).”

This incident has not dampened Poonam high spirits as she posted yet another semi nude picture accompanied with a tweet, “Well behaved women.,, rarely make history(sic).”

We could not agree more!

Taslima Nasreen Hurls F-Bomb At Poonam Pandey!

Well known author from Bangladesh Taslima Nasreen lashed out in public against aspiring actress and soft porn model Poonam Pandey today by expressing her disgust on Twitter where she wrote, “Poonam Pandey got naked but not satisfied.  She wanna do dirtiest things none did before. Wants to get fucked in public! (sic)”

Poonam Pandey’s tweets have become quite explicit these days. Sample her recent tweet which said, “Attitude is like your underwear; you must wear it, but never show it. But then i like Flaunting the right Attitude a lot :P(sic).”

It seems Taslima has not been able to take Poonam Pandey’s tweets in light humour and lost her temper. What is more surprising that it does not come from a laymen who could easily be disgusted with Poonam Pandey but it comes from someone who understands these shallow tricks to catch public imagination.

If Poonam is playing to the gallery for publicity then Taslima Nasreen should also be blamed for grabbing attention not through her literary work but by hurling F-words at someone who is insignificant in larger scheme of things.