‘Agent Vinod’ Gets ‘Red Flag’ From Pakistani Censors

India’s neighbouring country Pakistan has banned the release of ‘Agent Vinod’   because of the references to the Pakistani secret agency, the ISI. In a decision taken by Pakistan Film Censor Board it was concluded that the movie could hurt the sentiments of  the local people.

What prompted Pakistan to take this abrupt action? Blame it on  Saif Ali Khan who while promoting the movie during the India-Pakistan match in the Asia Cup went to the extent of saying, ” For a change, this film will show India and Pakistan on the same side since Kareena plays a Pakistani spy who helps him with an international mission.”

Although Saif was quick to add that the movie shows India and Pakistan in positive light but the Pakistani authorities believed that any mention of the ISI involved in spying activity will earn a bad name to the country. Pakistan is already facing too many problems regarding the ISI’s alleged involvement in several extremist activities.  Pakistan Film Censor Board has banned the exhibition of Ágent Vinod’  in the country.

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