Movie Review: ‘Agent Vinod’

Agent Vinod: Trapped in the middle

Banking heavily on big names like Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Ágent Vinod’ hits the screen theatres today. Directed by Sriram Raghvan Ágent Vinod’ generated lot of buzz before release but it failed to match the expectations. It resembles a lot like some Hollywood action flick but unfortunately it lacks the chutzpah of a Bollywood movie.

The story is bit unconventional by Bollywood standards. It opens in the desolate lands of Afghanistan where Agent Vinod (Saif Ali Khan), an Indian intelligence RAW agent finds information about a conspiracy being hatched by a group of terrorists.  Using his skills and Agent Vinod manages to hunt down the conspirators in a series of chase that takes him to 12 countries.

During his chase he meets an undercover Pakistani ISI Agent Ruby (Kareena Kapoor).  Agent Vinod and Ruby work in tandem on the mission leave no stone unturned to accomplish it. Director Sriram Raghavan’s could have done better if he had paid some serious attention to the  script which is seriously flawed. Brilliant in pieces this movie fails to address the mind of the audiences.

Screenplay is very fresh and witty. Comparing Agent Vinod with its 70s version or with “James Bond” movies doesn’t make sense as Saif Ali Khan gives the character a very different twist. Kareena Kapoor fails to impress in the movie. Even her item number  aka ‘Mujra’ does not find many takers. Ágent Vinod’ will certainly attract those who like watching spy films but for who like a complete entertainer this movie could prove prove to be a damp squib.

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