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Movie Review: ‘The Hunger Games’

The Big Bang!

Hollywood’s most eagerly awaited film this year “The Hunger Games” opened today in more than 10000 screens.  With these mind boggling numbers and the hype surrounding the movie the audience first and foremost concern is whether the movie is going to live up to expectations or not.

Gary Ross, the director comes out in flying colours and delivers a movie which is an all out entertainer.  The Hunger Games is no ‘Twilight’ but it has a love triangle. The dystopian movie begins with an America which has disintegrated into Panem, a loose collection of “districts” under the influence of the most powerful district.  The plot unfolds a saga of love and war where reality is stranger than fiction and all 12 districts fight for survival. They do like reality shows, live on television.

It transports you in ’70s sci-fi era and Director Ross and his designers give the District 12 scenes a gloomy look. All actors have done justice to their roles and they are presented before the audience in a fascinating manner. Make up and styling team has done wonders by giving a distinct look to each and every character portrayed in the movie.

“Hunger Games” has opened with a bang and if the movie pundits are to be believed this movie could be the biggest money spinner for the ‘Lionsgate’. Surely the Disney Corp need to learn a lesson or two from the ‘Success of Hunger Games’ as they are reeling under pressure after colossal failure of ‘John Carter’.

On the one hand you have ‘The Hunger Games’ which tells cine goers about a successful sci-fi movie and on the other hand ‘John Carter’ gives you an idea what makes a bad sci-fi film.

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