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‘Dhoom 3’ Shooting Begins In May

Yashraj Films ambitious action-thriller `Dhoom 3` will begin shooting from the month of May without any delay. This movie will show Bollywood star Aamir Khan playing a villain for the first time in his career.

Earlier he played a character in ‘Fanna’ which had shades of grey but this time he is going to play and outright negative role. There were reports of Aamir delaying the project because of his commitments on television but YashRaj Films issued a statement today that the shooting will begin as per schedule. ‘Dhoom 3’ will be released next year in 2013.

Aamir is busy these days with his first TV assignment which resulted into the postponement of  “Talaash”  release which was slated for June. Now the release has been pushed towards winter season. Since ‘Talaash’ would be  Aamir Khan’s  first release this year therefore it has generated lot of pre release buzz. But the delayed release date has disappointed Aamir fans.

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