Trailer for ‘Looper’ Released

Movie trailer for ‘Looper’ starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt  was recently  released in Hollywood. ‘Looper’ is a futuristic action-thriller set in 2040. The storyline includes swanky gadgets and time travel exists.

An assassin for the mob, called a “looper,” eliminates the enemies of the future. During one critical trip he recognizes that he is the target and is being hunted by his future self.

The movie features Bruce Willis as Gordon-Levitt’s  older self whom he faces at the end of a barrel when his bosses decide to “close the loop.” The star cast also includes Emily Blunt (The Adjustment Bureau) and Jeff Daniels (State of Play).Penned and directed by Rian Johnson ‘Looper’ is expected for a September-October release.





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