Movie Review: ‘Think Like A Man’ (*** Three Star)

Battle of sexes is one of the most popular themes in mainstream Hollywood cinema. The latest offering in this genre is ‘Think Like a Man’ which is a movie based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling book ‘Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man’

The movie gives you a detailed account of how a male and female reacts in differently in any given situation. The outcome these small skirmishes between both the sexes are highly predictable but the director essays these ‘minor clashes’ in such an interesting manner that the movie becomes pretty impressive and entertaining.

Lauren (Taraji P. Henson) is a businesswoman who wants to find a match who is equally successful in the corporate world. When she meets a handsome guy driving a Porsche she thinks she has met the man of her dreams but he turns out to be a chef who also works as a valet in his spare time.

Another female character Mya  played by Meagan Good religiously follows dating before she hops in bed with her partner Zeke played by Romany Malco. Then there is Kristen (Gabrielle Union) who looks for commitment from her boyfriend, Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara) who refuses to grow up. She reads Harvey’s book and gets her life on the right track.

Candace played by Regina Hall is a single mom and she meets Michael (Terrence Jenkins) who nurtures a bond with her son. But she freaks out when she finds him to be a mama’s boy.

Male characters shown in the movie realize that they are being ‘manipulated’ they turn their attention to ‘Harvey’s book’ and try to outwit and outsmart their partners. These table turning events are the highlights of the movie and keep you hooked till the last moment.

Director Tim Story has done a good job and his narration of the story is quite witty and impressive. All actors have done justice to their roles with Regina Hill standing out with her stellar performance. ‘Think Like a Man’ is a decent comedy which manages to hold your attention till the end.


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