Kristen Averts A Wardrobe Malfunction At ‘Cosmopolis’ Premiere

Photo Courtesy: Daily Mail

Kristen Stewart seems to be getting inspired by  her role in the upcoming movie ‘On the Road’ in which cinegores will see her in a very bold character. She walked onto the red carpet for Robert Pattinson’s movie ‘Cosmopolis’ and had no hesitation whatsoever in flaunting her curves. Setwart posed for the photo call onto the red carpet in a dress with a very plunging neckline.

Her red hot number made a huge impact at the premiere of Cosmopolis. She averted a wardrobe malfunction as the neckline nearly showed her entire breasts. Her dress not only dipped down to her stomach but also had slashes of lace panels which gave a peek of her sensuous body.

While she was at the event to support her boyfriend Robert Pattinson, who is the star of the film, she kept her distance from her beau.



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