Pairs Gives Hundred Dollars To Indian Beggar

American Entrepreneur and renowned socialite Paris Hilton is in India these days to launch the new line of her hand bags. She is enjoying the the media in India that she loved India from the bottom of her heart but was appalled by the abject poverty.  She gave a $100 bill to a street beggar in Mumbai who was carrying a baby in her arms on the streets of Mumbai.

Mumbai’s leading tabloid ‘Mid Day’ published pictures of Paris Hilton giving 100 dollars to the woman beggar while she was zipping past her. When Paris saw her she asked her diver to slow down and handed out the $100 bill through the window.

The beggar was reportedly surprised to see the bill as it wasn’t an Indian currency. So she asked for change as she was not aware of the value of Dollars in India.



( Picture Courtesy: Mid Day)

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