Lindsay Lohan Forces Male Crew Members Drop Their Pants ! - Filmi Files

Lindsay Lohan Forces Male Crew Members Drop Their Pants !

Lindsay Lohan has a reputation for throwing tantrums for no good reason. Recently while she was filming an intimate scene in her new movie ‘The Canyons’,  the director asked her to bare all to make it look authentic. She responded to the call but only after forcing the entire male crew to come out of their clothes.

The crew which had 10 male members present on the set were wearing only their boxer shorts while filming a Lindsay Lohan doing a steamy scene with her porn star actor James Deen.

A source closed to the crew disclosed to media, “The crew was hesitant at first. They eventually obliged and it all went off without a hitch.”  It is quite surprising to see someone like Lindsay Lohan who has posed in nude for magazines like ‘Playboy’ showing shyness for doing a normal bedroom scene.

‘The Canyons’ revolves around the dangers of sexual obsession and ambition among a group of twenty something people in LA. It`s based on a screenplay by Bret Easton Ellis, famous for his violent 1991 novel `American Psycho`.


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