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The Ending Of ‘Breaking Dawn 2’ Changed ?

The latest official image from “Breaking Dawn Part II” movie depicts Robert Pattinson and Kirsten embracing each other. Released by Entertainment Weekly this picture was accompanied by an assortment of pictures which includes Rensemee and Jacob.

If the recent buzz about the movie is to be believed the ending of ‘Breaking Dawn 2’ has been altered and this will be different ending from the Stephenie Meyers book. This rumour has reportedly stemmed from the interview which Robert Pattinson gave to a magazine. But he was quick to add that the Twihards need not to disappoint as the new ending “does the movie a serious justice “.

The Twilight fans hope that the ‘new ending’ would not kill the spirit of the movie as they are already going through the ‘pains of watching Rob and Kristen’ parting ways in real life unlike the movie which made them hugely popular around the world.

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