Salman Rushdie To Get ‘India Entry’ Through ‘Midnight’s Children’ Movie

Director Deepa Mehta’s adaptation of eminent author Salman Rushdie’s book ‘Midnight`s Children’ is expected to get an India release later in December this year. PVR Pictures has expressed its firm resolve to make this happen.

Interacting with the media Sanjeev Bijli, MD PVR Pictures informed “Every film comes with its own risks. Actually we have been in talks with producer David Hamilton since last year but things did not work out at that time. We reconnected during the film`s Toronto premiere. It is a very important film, so we have decided to give it a shot.”

‘Midnight’s Children’ is one of the most celebrated works of controversial author Salman Rushdie.  The film has tried to capture the spirit of India described through a saga of two children born at the same time that India was born, August 14, 1947. Hopefully the film is released in December so that the cine goers and book lovers both get an opportunity to watch this film.

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