Robert Pattinson Finds Twilight Sex Scenes Ridiculous

Pic Courtesy: Hollywood District

Robert Pattinson is a busy man these days. He is promoting the last installment of his Twilight Series in Australia. He made an appearance on ‘The Kyle and Jackie O Show ‘ where he fielded several questions on the movie.

When asked about the most difficult moment while shooting for the movie he reportedly said, “Probably the scene delivering the baby in the last one, just because it was so ridiculous. The sex scene in this one is pretty ridiculous as well. It’s just because you’re shooting stuff to be PG-13, so you have to think of inventive ways to make something sexy.”

Robert further added, “It’s meant to be the greatest vampire sex you’ve ever had.”  The last installment of Twilight series ‘Breaking Dawn 2’ is scheduled for November release.  Kristen Stewart is promoting the movie separately in Japan.

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