First Look: Watch Zombies Attack On India In ‘The Dead 2’ Trailer

The first trailer for ‘The Dead 2’ is out in cyberspace. It was released at the annual Halloween event ‘Fright Fest’ held in London. India features prominently in the trailer as it showcases the vast swathes of desert land in Rajasthan.  Indian men and women are seen walking like Zombies.

First installment of the movie ‘The Dead’ was released in 2010 and it generated tremendous interest among cine goers.  Enthused by this positive response the Ford brothers decided to make a sequel of the movie.

Outlining his plans for ‘The Dead’ sequel director Howard Ford said , “Jon and I have been receiving so much enthusiasm and demand for a sequel we owe it to the fans of The Dead 1 to deliver something that goes way beyond what we could achieve first time around, and the starting point was to find the most stunning and varied landscapes where we have not seen the dead walk before”.

Watch the teaser trailer below.

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