First Look: Poonam Pandey Strikes Reverse ‘Titanic Pose’

Erotic Yoga: Poonam Pandey (Courtesy : HT)

Finally Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has some real competition. The first look of Internet sensation Poonam Pandey’s in her debut film has been leaked online and the picture displays her performing some Yogasana in minimal clothes. Clearly it gives us an indication of things to come. It would be understatement to say that her movie is going to be replete with scenes of generous skin show.

Although the movie has been a closely guarded secret but if rumours are to be believed the title of her movie is ‘Nasha’.  Directed by Amit Saxena ‘Nasha’ is generating tremendous buzz both online and offline due to the fact that Poonam Pandey is featuring in a movie.

Poonam Pandey came to limelight last year when India won the Cricket World Cup. She had promised to go nude if India won the cup. Since then she has remained in the news for her controversial statements and outrageous pictures shared by her on her social media account.

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