Movie Review: ‘Kill Dil’ by Neha Ravindran


Movie: Kill/Dil

Director: Shaad Ali

Cast: Parineeti Chopra, Govinda, Ranveer Sigh, Ali Zafar

Genre: Romantic-Action

I have a big bone to pick with Bollywood. More often than not, most trailers strew promises and assurances of something new, interesting and then… boooom!! In your face, the movie tells you, ‘I have nothing to do with the trailers, you see, we are not related.’ Kill/Dill from the trailers seemed like an action packed movie, laced with romance and topped with some comedy. Well no, it is a romantic-drama with a few action scenes and comedy timings scattered around.  I feel cheated, terribly!

Dev (Ranveer Singh) is the mast maula goon and Tutu (Ali Zafar) is his poker-faced partner in crime. They were raised by bhaiyaji (Govinda) who is a hired shooter, and they grow up to be his loyal killers. Then, but of course, cupid strikes and Dev falls in love with the nonchalant-sexy Disha (Parineeti Chopra), whom he saves from an ugly brawl. Disha has no idea about his or Tutu’s true identity. Bhaiyaji is unhappy with the turn of events but let’s off Dev with a warning and a supari for the next killing. But Dev can no longer get himself to go for the kill, his head-over-heels in love heart has flipped over to the side of acchai, “Ab mera burai se man bhar gaya” he exclaims. So now what?! Will bhaiyaji forgive Dev for his sudden change of heart? Or will Dev lose Disha when she finds out about his truth?

Ranveer is good in his role as a cute too-full of life hired killer and Ali Zafar justifies his space as the serious one of the two (only after a while it got me wondering if full-of-life meant over expressive and serious meant poker faced.) Govinda does a decent job till his facial expressions make him look more funny than scary. Parineeti is just a pawn thrown in to mess up the story and build an unnecessary climax. ‘Goon falls in love with a girl; girl does not know that the guy is a goon; goon wants to turn good for the girl; but the girl can still discover the goon’s past; and not to forget all the goons who are after our hero goon. (Sigh! Why Bollywood, why?)

The title track of the movie has been a rage since its music launch and most of the songs are decent enough. Other than the depressingly predictable storyline, it was Parineeti’s wardrobe which had me cringe in every other scene. Her costumes were an atrocious misfit on her, making it seem like she was squeezed through most of them. The best 5 minutes of the movie was a voice over by Gulzar in which he recited some of his poetry. What a heavenly baritone and needlessly to say the verses make you go ‘Subhaan allah’. Just for this, I can watch this movie again, just for these 5 mins.

So, clearly Iam not a great fan of this movie. But if you are dying to go out this week end and relax over a bucket of popcorn in a movie hall, then maybe you can give this movie a try. Or else, let’s hold hands and pray for a better weekend next time.

My verdict: **1/2

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  1. Your review is more promising to read than the bollywood releases these days. It is apt and spicy at the same time, unlike our stale bollywood storyline that just doesnt want to change for good.

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