Top Iconic Dialogues From Bollywood Movies-Part 2

By Deepti D.

And ….. we are back again…. We could not let you wait for the second part of this story.. could we?? That would be an unforgivable crime…and to be honest .. our fingers were also itching back to write the concluding part of these “dhansu dialougues” series…. So please fasten your seat belt as we go on a down memory lane again….
1) “Filmein sirf teen cheezo ke wajah se chalti hai … entertainment, entertainment, entertainment … aur main entertainment hoon”
We start our list from where we left it in the last article…this famous line which is said so seductively by Vidya balan in “Dirty Picture” has left every Indian man panting for more. And in a way this line is really true for our Bollywood connection.. we do need entertainment in every form on every Friday !! Although the same line is not used so frequently.. its various permutations and combinations are used….like “Exams sirf teen cheezo se wajah se chalti hai…cheating cheating cheating… aur main cheating mein ustaad hoon” that’s an original one !!!!

 2) “Ja Simran ja , Je le apni zindagi”-

Dunno how many girls born with the name Simran have actually “jeo ed” their zindagi !! But this iconic dialogue from our very favorite movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ) as put a glimmer of hope in every modern girl who tries to blackmail, nag and irritate her parents for approval that in the end the parents frustratingly give permission and says “uff Ja… Je le apni Zindagi’…. Good line for emotional blackmail… why didn’t I try it earlier??? But on second thoughts… do they actually live their lives?????

 3) “Main apni sabse favourite hoon”-

I bet everyone especially girls must have said this dialogue in front of the mirror at least once in their lifetimes… after all this line was made famous by Kareena urf Geet in Jab We Met. Well in a way this line gives one a confidence to face anything with head held high….tabhi to “yeh line bhi sabki favourite hain”

 4) “Dosti ka ek usool hain madam, no sorry, no thank u”-

When the very young and handsome Salman Khan said this line to the very petite Bhagyashree in the 1989 blockbuster “Maine Pyar Kiya”, all the girls just wished that they were in place of Ms Bhagyashree… Ever since this dialogue has become sort of a pickup line among youngsters who are trying to woo their lady love….because you see.. Pyaar ka first step is friendship and friendship has no sorry’s or thank you’s !!!

 5) “Jaadu ki jhappi”-

Are you feeling sad? Is your life full of problems? Is the world a rotten place to live in? Fikr not… We have the cure of all your problems… u just need someone who would open his arms wide and strong and hug you….and that is called Sanju baba’s “Jaadu ki Jhappi..”…made popular by him in all the Munnabhai Series….well on second thoughts the govt should make this a mandatory law… THE LAW OF JAADU KI JHAPPI !!

6) “Insaan ka emotion uske motion ke saath juda hua hain”-

How true is this line from “Piku”… and I am the one who has personally experienced this… well you can also rewind your thoughts and think of the times when your tummy is upset…either ways… your emotions go for a toss…you become disgusted and irritated and want to burn the entire world and when things go fine in the tummy… you are one happy fella!! Well this was on the lighter side but it also has a serious connotation too.. when your life is moving smoothly .. you are happy… and when your life is mundane and not acting accordingly… well you know your emotions during that time… need I say more??

 7) “Thappad se darr nahi lagta saab, pyaar se lagta hain”-

 You remember this line and who flashes in front of you… yes right hamare pyaare Chulbul Pandey aur unki “Mrs”… well what an iconic line …and you would always associate this with Sonakshi Sinha who said it like a pro in her debut movie “Dabaang”. Neverthless, nowadays this line is said by all females to shut up their stalkers and in a way say a polite NO….and like the earlier one this also has many permutations… let me give you one …hmmm…thappad se dar nahi lagta saab… chil chilati garmi se lagta hain !! Original.. well I tried !!

 8) “Aata majhi satakli”-

 “Singham”made our hot and angry Ajay Devgan say this iconic line of “Aata Majhi Satakli” , a Marathi phrase whose literal meaning is that “my mind has moved” although in the movie it was more like a warning that my mind has gone crazy .. so don’t mess with me !! Ever since this line has become very famous in Aamchi Mumbai where everyone.. be it young…old…sprut it out as soon as there is an argument !! Peace people peace !!

 9) “Sattar minute hai tumhare paas, sirf sattar min”-

How dashing our SRK looked when he said these lines… I bet all the girls were crushing on him rather than listening to the “Sattar minute” speech…but yes this line tells about the value of time and how things should be done during that appropriate time. But still if SRK was say saying this to me… I would be staring at him in awe… do wishes come true???

 10) “Hum tum me itne ched karenge, ki confuse ho jaoge…”-

Sallu fans … beware …when he is angry… he is angry and thus he came up with this line from Dabaang… and it has now become synonym whenever anyone needs a warning from an angry man… like I said earlier guys.. this world needs peace…. Not different cheds !!!

So we come to the end of this write up… there are many many more lines which are iconic and many many more which are in making… why don’t we do one thing… come with your suggestions and dialogues and we would include them in our triology… well if you are not bored of reading this one .. till then bye.. sayonara…and Namaste !