Top Ten Bollywood Thrillers

By Deepti D.

Year 2013 celebrated 100 years of Bollywood and there is no denying that it is much popular and bigger than Hollywood … after all we beat everyone with our its but natural it has to be more popular!!. The USP of our Bollywood is with singing and dancing….I mean it’s unthinkable for anyone to understand how 100 people dance behind our lead pair in full synchronization …so if Hollywood is famous for its special effects, we are famous for our latkas and jhatkas…

But in all this euphoria, we should not ignore the other genres which also entertain us. Be it action, romance, comedy, drama, suspense or horror, Bollywood has given us a lot of spice and are still continuing to do so. Talking about Suspense, one cannot forget the adrenaline rush a thriller movie gives us. Sitting in the hall, eating our nails along with popcorns and then out of the blue screaming… whoa what a feeling !!!

So today we bring you the some famous thriller movie list and we hope you feel the same high when you read about them… so here you go !!!


Before Shahrukh Khan became the eternal lover boy, he was the scary villain of Darr and Baazigar. It was in 1993 that SRK scared us with his “K…K…K… Kiran” in Darr and it was soon followed by Baazigar where he pushed the leggy Shilpa Shetty from the balcony. Oh what a graphically shot scene it was! It still sends shivers down the spine. Shah Rukh played an evil person wrapped up in an unassuming boy-next-door look. The revenge thriller was one of the most famous movies not only for its story line but also for its music and the famous dialogue… “haar kar jeetene wale ko … you guessed it right… Baazigar kahete hain”!!

 2) GUPT

Another movie from the 90’s that is still remembered for its nail-biting suspense which did not allow you to rest your mind and kept you thinking hours after the film was over, Gupt was a suspense thriller woven around a murder mystery. The love triangle between Bobby Deol who played Sahil, Kajol and Manisha Koirala culminates in the murder of its lead actor’s father, with Sahil himself being charged for the killing. Its climax left everyone shocked, when the real killer was revealed and it was difficult to digest it. Don’t believe us… go watch it again !

 3) 100 DAYS

Now this one movie is my favorite too and the concept was mind blowing. Imagine someone who could see the future as soon as she closed her eyes. Yes, exactly that used to happen when our main heroine Devi aka Madhuri Dixit used to close her eyes and inturn foresee her sister’s murder. A dead body, a magazine with a horse on its cover, a video cassette and a skeleton…this unusual murder mystery with an adrenaline rushing climax surely forced you to feel your heartbeat racing fast.


The Race series is one of the most famous action thrillers of 2000’s. Directed in 2008, Race starring Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna, showed the brothers turned enemies’ story in a very sleek way. Followed by it was its sequel in 2013 called Race 2. Shot in lovely locales of Dubai and other foreign land, both the series had spectacular action sequences, lovely music and of course a bone chilling climax. True to its words, Race truly kept our heart beats galloping and all of us going breathless…Surely it was the case of “Race Saanson ki, Race Dhadkan ki… my heart is racing” !



Who can forget this movie.. although it was inspired by an Hollywood movie called “A Common Man”, A Wednesday is a nail biting thriller where An about-to-retire police commissioner recounts the most memorable case of his career wherein he was informed about a bomb scare in Mumbai, as the sequence of events unfolded on a particular Wednesday between 2 pm and 6 pm. They do not exist in any written record, only in his mind and in those who were involved. Brilliant performances by veterans like Nassurudin Shah and Anupam Kher, surely made us sit upright and watch this thriller.


Set In Kolkata, directed by Sujoy Ghosh, this awesome thriller revolves around a pregnant lady called Bidya..err.. Vidya Bagchi played to perfection by Vidya Balan who is out on the search of her missing husband with the help of a police officer. But everyone she questions denies having ever met her husband. As she walks deeper into the bylanes of the city, the mystery also deepens and hidden truths around the city’s crime and mystery begin to open up. It has one of the best climaxes of recent times. True to its name, Kahaani really bought a new dimension of storytelling in Bollywood.


Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan Starrer in 2012 horror thriller, Talaash is the story of a couple who lose their young son in a drowning accident. This accident takes a toll on their psyche and the marriage starts going downhill. The accident opens up a mysterious sequence of events that happened three years back involving three friends and a call girl. The surprise of the movie was Rosie played by Kareena Kapoor, who helps him in the case, but is only visible to him! Whao , that’s a pretty glamorous ‘Bhoot’ touch to the movie.


Now thrillers not only exist in movies, but they are also there in real life and both movies and real life sometimes inspire each other….well you might have guessed it by the heading only, we are talking about the famous Aarushi Murder case of 2013, on which this edge of the seat thriller is inspired. Brilliant performances by Irfaan Khan and Konkana Sen, this movie really made you sit and think about the verdict against the parents. On second thoughts, did the parents really kill that innocent girl or were the framed falsely….think .. think !!


Ajay Devgan is famous for doing action movies and no one can match the stunts that he can do. But when he does a thriller like Drishyam, it makes everybody sit up and applaud. This 2015 film deals with the psyche of a man who believes in justice and fairness, but will go to any lengths to save his family after they commit an unexpected crime. This film will have you on the edge of you seat till the very end and is one of the smartest thrillers in recent times. Supported by Tabu, this movie is surely there to give you the chills.


Everyone remembers the TV series of the same name where every week Rajit Kapur used to solve weird mysteries. Adapted into a movie in 2015, Byomkesh portrayed by the upcoming heart throb Sushant Singh Rajput, involved you in solving the mystery of a missing father of a chemist and how in turn solving this leads to the big bad world of opium drugs. The story was quite intriguing and kept everyone guessing.

 Thriller movies have been a part and parcel of Bollywood ever since its inception, who can forget the eerie ‘Aayega Aane wala’ song from Mahal to the haunting tune of ‘Karz’ to the more recent ‘Manjulika’ act of Vidya Balan in Bhool Bhulaiya. Every decade has seen these thriller movies evolve and they would continue to do so. The article is just a glimpse of these modern thrillers, so if you have not watched any one of them.. go grab a popcorn and watch. And don’t be weak hearted … after all they are all here to give you an adrenaline rush !!!


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