Five Patriotic Numbers We Like To Hum On Independence Day

By Deepti D.

And it’s that time of the year when overnight you feel love for your country… suddenly we feel so much patriotic that we are ready to go the border and kill all our ‘friendly’ enemies… suddenly you see the national symbols being ‘sold’ on the traffic crossings….suddenly your whatsapp and facebook are full of patriotic messages and images..suddenly all your petrol pumps, shops and malls are decorated with the tri colours …you start re seeing Border, LOC Kargil and suddenly instead of the swaggy number ‘Kala Chasma’, you start singing rather loudly all the patriotic songs of past, present and future…yes people… its 15th AUGUST… INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Well I think you all must have already guessed it by the way the introduction was being done. These days 15th August has become more of a holiday to enjoy rather than to evoke patriotism like earlier days and with a long weekend this year, it was a cherry on the topping. But for a change, lets become patriotic for 15th August and what better way to celebrate than to listen to all the patriotic songs. Don’t worry wont bore you with the usual ‘Vande Mataram’ or ‘Aye mere watan ke logo’. We are this generation, so let’s pick some songs from this era… so here we go…

a) Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaye- Sarforash

 This soulful rendition by the multi-talented Sonu Nigam for the Aamir Khan- Naseruddin Shah starrer Sarforash was an apt title song for a movie which dealt with cross border terrorism. Brilliantly sung and the way it showed the transfer of arms from one country to the other was the binding force by this song. The words ‘Mushkilo mein hain watan’ shows the present day scenario where our country is bound in chains due to drug abuse, terrorism and of course our own problems.

 b) Kandho se milte hain kandhe- Lakshya 

 Many people of our generation must have heard their parents talk about the Indo- Pak Wars and how one should never experience wars, but alas! We did get a dose of it during the 1999 Kargil war, which later inspired many movies. One of them was the Hrithik starrer Lakshya where he played an army officer and the song ‘Kandho se milte hai kandhe’ is a very motivating and confidence building song for the army peers who sometimes do get demotivated seeing their fellows being killed and injured. The movie itself was very patriotic and this song made us proud of our forces.

 c) Bharat humko jaan se pyara hain- Roja

One of the foremost movies which tackled the Kashmir Issue, it was the story of how a young South Indian couple go for their official work cum honeymoon in Kashmir and the groom is kidnapped by the so called ‘Jihadis’. The scene still gives goose bumps when Arvind Swamy jumps on the National Flag being burnt by the terrorists and the song epitomizes the whole situation. Seriously ‘Bharat Humko Jaan se Pyara’ hain.

 d) Kuch Kariye- Chak de India

What an appropriate song at this moment when our athletes’ are putting their blood and sweat in trying to win an Olympic medal at Rio. This Shahrukh starrer showed him as a coach to the women’s hockey team and how he not only manages to better the image of his team by winning the Championship, but also his image is reversed of a traitor. This song motivates everyone in day to day life to do something for our great nation…I N D I A!

 e) Aisa desh hai mera – Veer zara

 If we are taking about patriotism through songs, we can talk about the love for each other also. This song was from a movie set in the olden times and shows the cross border love between an Indian boy (SRK) and a Pakistani girl (Preity Zinta). This song shows that both the Tere des ko maine dekha tere des ko maine jaana, Jaane kyun ye lagta hai mujhko jaana pehchaana’, she replies to him. He agrees ‘Aisa des hain mera ho, jaise des hain tera’. The lovers compare their respective countries in a positive way promoting harmony.

 This is just a small list of showing the love for not only our country but in a way telling to stop this violence, these rapes, these drug abuse which are eroding our nation of its beauty and quality. Let’s all today stand and vow to protect our country… JAI HIND!


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