Movie Review: ‘A Flying Jatt’

By Neha Ravindran

Movie: A Flying Jatt

Director: Jimmy Umrigar

Cast: Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nathan Jones, Kay Kay Menon, Amrita Singh, Gaurav Pandey

Genre: Superhero Action

Bollywood so far has risked creating very few superhero movies- Krish, Ra.One to name a few. The reason is simply a lack of perspective. Bollywood is guilty of losing out the storyline to predictible drama of ‘ma ka pyar’ and ‘desh ki seva’. Flying Jatt is another addition to this league of movie but thankfully with a bearable perspective.
Aman (Tiger Shroff) is a martial arts instructor who is neither brave nor bold. His mother (Amrita Singh) on the other hand is a typical Jatt woman who wont hesitate to slap anyone who crosses her. Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon) is an industrial giant who wants to buy the land which holds a religious significance for the Jatt community. He is responsible for spreading pollution in the city through his factory wastes. Who will save the society from the malicious intents of Malhotra?

Tiger Shroff has an uncanny resemblance to Hrithik Roshan of yesteryears. A good dancer, beefed up, good looks, incredibly bad acting. But compared to his last movie ‘Baaghi’, Tiger Shroff has clearly taken the criticism to his heart and worked on his acting skills. Amrita Singh is getting stereotyped into repetitive roles as an aggressive mother figure and has nothing new to offer. Jacqueline is as good as absent from the movie. Gaurav Pandey as the sidekick has played a good role and Nathan Jones is well cast as the bad guy. The sets are beautiful but look too artiificial to be appreciated. The songs are no big show either though the music of ‘Beat pe Booty’ has gone viral and I had the misfortune of watching Kamal R Khan dance on the song.
Have you ever wondered what would have been the life of a super hero in India? Well, in many ways this movie has hilarious answers to that question. Flying Jatt will reward you with many funny moments that are relateable to our own lives. For example, had I been born with flying powers, Iam certain my mother would make me clean the chandelier every weekend (#facepalm). Well, our super hero also doesnt have it easy. The first half of the movie is infused with subtle humour that will keep you engaged. The second half dips low as it is tad preachy cum philosophical. The overall script is below average, to be honest. But compared to our trend of superhero movies, Flying Jatt is undoubtedly a pleasant change!
This movie will be a sure shot winner with kids. A good timepass, Flying Jatt will not make you regret the time invested.
My verdict: ***

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