Shah Rukh Turns OTT With Bard Of Blood

Shah Rukh Turns OTT With Bard Of Blood

By FF Network

Netflix has given us innumerable movies and series, and we are loving the content!

Filmi Files caught up on the trail of SRK’s Netflix cameo as a producer of ‘Bards of Blood’.

The King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan released the trailer for this new series today on micro blogging site Twitter. Continue reading to know how Shah Rukh Turns OTT With Bard Of Blood.

It features Imran Hashmi, and not as a lover boy, but as a RAW agent that takes a Suicide Mission to Balochistan.

The movie is based of Bilal Siddiqui’s book with the same title and the trailer promises some serious action and drama.

While the plot line seems a bit cliched, the cinematography and acting looks promising.

This shift from Big Screen to Phone Screens is a welcome change in the world of cinema, as it saves the artistic relevance from censorship and extreme commercialization.

This trailer has our attention, and we cannot wait to watch this SRK Netflix production!

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