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Is It Time For A Female ‘James Bond’?

Is It Time For A Female ‘James Bond’?

By Ayushi Agarwal

The iconic character of James Bond, a British secret agent is getting a whole new makeover.

It has almost been 5 decades since the first Bond film released and it has never looked back ever since. Many prominent actors took up the challenging role of 007, and rose to fame.

Bond is a character based on novels and short stories created in 1953. He is a British agent who loves to live a rich life.

This character is also known for his amazing collection of guns, cars and other gadgets supplied by Q branch.

He is a womaniser and has relationships with many girls who are sometimes referred as “Bond girls”.

And if the reports are to be believed, Hollywood is finally getting it first female Bond actress. The character is not only going to be a female but also a black female character.

Lashana Lynch who was last seen in Captain Marvel alongside Brie Larson is reportedly roped in to play the next James Bond 007.

Is It Time For A Female ‘James Bond’?

She is going to portray the character of a “Bond girl” in the upcoming Bond 25 movie. The starting scene of the movie will show M (played by Ralph Fiennes) calling someone inside the room “Come in 007” and then comes in Lashana Lynch.

He will remain the “Bond 007” but eventually will take retirement making Lashana, a coveted 007 agent.

This movie will bring a very historical change in one of the most iconic British character. People on the internet are divided by this decision.

Although, it’s high time for some more female-centric iconic roles. Wonder Woman has recently become a powerful character to whom little girls can take inspiration from.

Only last year, Ocean’s 8 was released with an all female cast. Powerful celebrities like Rihanna, Sandra Bullocks, Anne Hathway, Mindy Kaling played the role of George Clooney, Brad Pitt who were earlier a part of Ocean’s 8 trilogy.

Bond 25 is expected to be released on April 2020. With the character being black & female, this movie is going to create history. Filmi Files is best to look for movie reviews and news.

Emotions will be high for the Bond fans when they will be watching the movie.

What do you people think about this? Give us your feedback in the comments.

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