Film Review: ‘Saaho’

Film Review: ‘Saaho’

By Neha Bora

Today Filmi Files brought to you saaho movie review so enjoy and read till the end. Remember when you watched Bahubali and it was the biggest film of the year and you were awed by its grandiosity? Well, this movie is equally if not grander, but it will most likely not awe you.

So, the story is set in the futuristic city of Verjee (Abu Dhabi) and is about Sahoo, the rightful heir of Roy Company, who makes an elaborate plan to take revenge for his father’s murder and at the same time claim his rightful place as head of the board. Yes! The story is simple….

Sahoo is the most expensive film of the year got a massive release in four different languages and has done well at the box office at the end of the first day!

As, I said the story is extremely simple but is told in unnecessary detail.

The same mysteries are revealed time and again, new villains are introduced and quickly trumped by our flamboyant hero, he is all-powerful we, the audience, that there is no problem that the writer could create that his now larger than life character can not overcome.

The script is extremely busy, not because it is clever and setting up sub-plot narratives under your nose but because it is very weak and aware of it. writer and director, Sujeeth, in an attempt to make an ‘edge of the seat’ action thriller, fills the plot and story with caricaturist villains who speaks lines like “ mere andar hi rakshash hai”, it also plays a kind of musical chairs with its villain characters, which would have been a delight to watch had it been executed properly like in ‘Don’ but, Sahoo’s musical chairs is ineffective, where the villains can keep playing at their game to no care of the audience.

The job of such a ‘game’ in the film is to create an atmosphere of uncertainty and therefore excitement, and we know this element fails when none of this is created in the story.

The story is so weak that it doesn’t even know how to introduce its characters. Amrita the character of Shraddha Kapoor is made part of the narrative in the clumsiest way possible. Continue reading the article to know about full Sahoo film review.

It only gets clumsier as we go further into the film. The villians of the film are a sorry sight. A great hero always needs a great villain to make the story compelling, but it is seldom achieved in films. Sahoo to fails here.

The film is also extravagantly directed instead of being well directed. I couldn’t help but think that instead of making your hero do stunts that are only meant to give the film the action it promised, the director could have used the resourced on making the Vfx better.

The soundtrack in interesting the way that it is a mix of various genres of rap, classic Hindi song, hip-hop, and electronic. The soundtrack too like the script is busy without being very exciting. But, no one can complain that this action film lacks action.

This film introduces the audiences to weapons and machines that I frankly have never seen before. There is also an Avengers inspired ‘Falcon’ like machine in the film, but it is downplayed to the point of ridicule.

The performances are bad too. Prabhas is omnipresent and the usual gentlemanly genius that action thrillers nowadays have but, does nothing extraordinary for us. Shraddha Kapoor does nothing at all, to the point that she is as unidimensional in her acting as her character is in its existence.

A special mention to Chunkey Pandey and Mahesh Manjrekar for being exceptionally. Their characters are extremely boring to begin with and their performance make it difficult to sit though their parts, luckily their parts are little.

Neil Nitin Mukesh has been playing the same character since the day he entered Bollywood and it is no great work!

Prabhas had earned himself a big fan base across the country after the Bahubali success and was returning to the big screen after a gap of two years.

One can see why he would choose a movie like Sahoo filled with immense screen time, action, foreign location, ‘advanced technology’ that is supposed to be cool but this realization that the film just might work the numbers is a sad one.

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