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Film Review: ‘Sky is Pink’

Film Review Sky is Pink


By Neha Bora


Filmi Files brought to you the sneak peek of the latest film review sky is pink. The Sky is Pink is the love story of the Chaudhary family. It is the story of Aisha Chaudhary (Zaira Wasim) who is born with CSID, a rare genetic that renders the immune system dysfunctional.


She is born to Aditi (Priyanka Chopra) and Niren Chaudhary (Farhan Akhtar) who have already lost a child to the same disease within the year she was born. Aditi and Niren travel to London to get better treatment for Aisha and after ten years of medical procedures and appointments and several day and night jobs, Aisha is declared free of the disease. The family moves back to India where a complication from earlier treatments causes Aisha to get pulmonary fibrosis.


The story from here is the family’s race against time to enjoy whateverlittle time they have together. Shonali Bose and Nilesh Maniyar have put down the real lifestory about the death of young girl and her family’s struggle to keep her alive and when that was no more an option to fill the remainder of her life with happiness in the most sincerest of ways.


Normally, such stories attempt to reduce its audience to tears, but most can’t manage it, only giving us a boring stretched out version of grief. The Sky is Pink is not such a story. It might be few in teary-moments but it is free from the artificial grief that hovers around several other movies about illness and death.


Film Review Sky Is Pink


The story shifts time and space from the past in Delhi in the1980s where her parents meet and fall in love to finally get married, to the tumultuous years lived in London juggling jobs and children, one of which suffers from a fatal condition, to the teenage years of Aisha in Delhi again, where after a stretch of being disease free, Aisha is left afflicted by another fatal condition, and finally to 2015 where Aisha is no more and her family is left broken and grieving.


These shifts could have been awkward but they are effortless and bound together by Aisha’s narration that is characteristic of the carefree and peppy style of today’s middle class teenager.


The direction, editing, cinematography all work together and bring to us a world of soft warm colors that is solidly centered in the strength of a family that feels like a single unit. The soundtrack is refreshing with it’s almost nursery rhyme like quality and perky rhythm.

The relationship between Aditi and Niren drive the film and the almost tangible love shared between the two is the film’s life force. The other relationship in the family be that of Aditi and Ishaan (Rohit Saraf), Aditi and Aisha or Ishaan and Niren, the film doesn’t skip a beat.


One sees that Priyanka Chopra’s make-up and costume make her appear less like Aditi, the haggard mother and more like the fashionable celebrity that she herself is, one sees that the family goes from being financially troubled to ultra rich is a heartbeat without any clear transition and one also sees that the film pulls from the same bag of tricks that have long been the component of films that didn’t work for the audience, but The Sky is Pink gets to you. You might not sob, or even tear up a little, but you areconvinced that such a family exists.


Enjoy the film review sky is pink. The entire film is a narration and not once does it feel like too much. The dialogues too are soothingly warm like the cinematography! One softens when Aisha says “Panda moose ki pooch the” or when Aditi makes desperate attempts to fix up Aisha with her crush, and when Aisha makes it clear that her brother left because he wanted to grow apart from the madness and desperation of his home, and when Aditi says “mujhe Aisha ke alawaa kisi ke liye kuch karna hi nahi aata hai”.


Priyanka Chopra has given one of her best performances yet, you can see her stretching herself out of her ‘star’ persona to become Aditi. You can also see Farhan Akhtar breaking the audience’s heart with his sincere and endearing performance. Rohit Saraf is effortless in playing Ishaan, he is Ishaan.


The star of the show however, who only appears on screen half an hour into the film is Zaira Wasim. She is courageous where she has to be, cool and calm like only a teenager who suffers from a fatal condition can be (going according to cinema tends over the world), heartbreaking when her condition demands it and thoroughly convincing.


There is no doubt that the film review sky is pink. Is a sincere tribute to the struggle of the real Chaudhary family in trying to find happiness in the face of death, but Bose shines in making it the beautiful love story of Aditi and Niren.


FF Ratings ****

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