Housefull 4 Looks A Laugh Riot!

Housefull4 Looks A Laugh Riot!

By FF Network

Houseful franchise is coming back with its fourth masterpiece- Housefull 4. Who saw that coming? Honestly, we didn’t. You would think they learned by the third time. But maybe 4 is their lucky number.

The cast obviously includes Akshay Kumar, who has relentlessly carried this movie on his fit and fine shoulders for a decade now. Other cast members are Kriti Sanon, Bobby Deol and the other Housefull 4 -franchise-essential, Riteish Deshmukh.

The story line of the fourth movie is based on time travel to 600 years ago. And we are very scared that the brilliance of it might prove threatening for X-Men’s Back to the Future. Aren’t you?

While Filmi Files is nearly done with the stale scripts and generic comedy of the Houseful franchise, we haven’t learned to gibe up hope yet. Being the movie buffs that we are, we will be looking forward to this time-travelling comedy. The poster seems good enough to incite interest. Akshay Kumar poses as a bald and angry man, while Kriti Sanon is her bubbly self in the poster.

The other actors are also there, and that is more than what can be said. Oh! And for some reason Riteish Deshmukh seems to be in a woman’s clothes and a woman’s hairdo, yet again! The movie is scheduled to release on 26th October, 2019. Filmi Files advise you that you should be watching this!

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